San Bernardino Int’l Airport

Generating broad awareness and strengthening community support in a competitive marketplace, and in the wake of public relations issues


Since the airport had little-to-no identity, aside from a public relations maelstrom over mismanagement, creating a new brand personality was the recommended entry point. It allowed for contemporary and positive discussion among aviation and local communities. It also set a foundation upon which to build airport business successes – such as attracting commercial and private aviation and retail tenants.

Nostrum followed a 360◦ marketing roadmap to provide client analyses for the airport’s five vertical markets, marketplace overviews and SWOT analyses, and primary and secondary research with aviation expert counsel and insights. Using these findings, Nostrum identified both airport and fixed-based operator (FBO) business and marketing goals, developed scalable marketing and tactical advertising programs, outlined opportunities to enter the press conversation, and created a brand roll-out calendar.


Nostrum practiced the BrandBeam approach to design complete visual and messaging guidelines for the SBD brand, as well as to conceive and develop the airport’s all-new FBO sub-brand.

Nostrum successfully generated aviation industry and community excitement along with positive press coverage for both brands. We also generated leads for the FBO brand and on-airport retail space.

In addition, our Agency framework allowed us to partner with a team of aviation industry experts that proved invaluable.