Port of Long Beach

Connecting two very different audiences in order to attract global business, while appeasing a local community increasingly concerned with environmental fallout


Nostrum’s approach was to think global and act local. We created two distinct awareness campaigns aimed at two very different audiences, but connected by an all-new identity for the Port that focused on environmental sustainability.

A dramatic departure from typical pedestrian advertising adopted by other ports, our “big ships” trade campaign showcased stunning photography that made use of unique perspectives to communicate the port’s massive cargo capacity.

Launched simultaneously, our community campaign emphasized the port’s vital role in the economic health of the community – as a supplier of jobs as well as consumer goods.


The Port of Long Beach saw an increased awareness among the trade community and solidified its position as a high-volume, high-capacity economic engine. Critical to this was Nostrum’s ability to not only reach audience groups, but also to differentiate the Port of Long Beach from its highly recognized neighbor – the Port of Los Angeles.

Further, the community began to receive the Port of Long Beach as an advocate, not an enemy, of carbon-reduction policies.