Long Beach Transit

Combating limited awareness and a year-over-year decrease in ridership


Through research, Nostrum determined that visibility needed to be increased and opinions changed in order for behaviors to shift. Consumers must be motivated to view public transit as viable and desirable.

As part of a rebrand, we conducted media research to determine where our target audiences were most receptive to transit information. We then executed the new brand within multi-media and multi-lingual campaigns, including broadcast, print, out-of-home, collateral and digital and social media.

Creatively, Nostrum adapted an approachable brand with a vivid color palette and bold imagery. To imbue an emotional response, we positioned LBT as a major force in the revitalization of downtown Long Beach, portraying transit as sensible and progressive. This was just one of several unique campaign messages guided by an established set of LBT rebrand standards.

To this end, we realized and extended messaging across different product lines and sub-brands, including a Rider Rewards Business Partnership Program aimed at leveraging mutual partnerships with local businesses.


Nostrum successfully rebranded LBT as a customer-centric company servicing a wide variety of riders in a progressive manner.

A 30% increase in ridership over the previous summer was achieved via a multi-layered media approach for maximum reach and efficiency.

Performance on the AquaLink route far exceeded the Client’s expectations with a 38% increase in ridership.

Our 10-month social media campaign was also a success, increasing LBT Facebook fan “likes” by 9,000 to almost 17,000 fans. Social media engagement also hit an all-time high of 300%.

Our efforts to promote LBT’s new First Street Transit Gallery also went a long way towards enhancing the LBT’s positioning as an advocate for Long Beach’s revitalization and urban renaissance.