Long Beach Convention & Visitor’s Bureau


Reposition Long Beach as one of Southern California’s most exciting waterfront destinations; redesign the Long Beach CVB website to streamline information and refine the user-experience for multiple and distinct audience groups.


Nostrum began with a CVB brand identity refresh, developing a consistent look across all collateral and advertising. A marketing program was also developed with key attention paid to garnering affinity with planners who were critical to driving tourist traffic and revenue for Long Beach.

The brand refresh extended to the CVB website. The site was refined to provide multiple direct paths to target-specific content that rotated frequently. This ensured all city partners – and their audience groups – were represented and courted. This was supported by an integrated CRM system designed to accommodate multiple data entry points.


The Long Beach city brand became instantly recognizable and research indicated people were consistently able to recall the brand identity via visual and messaging cues.

The city was able to attract and recruit different membership levels for the city’s attractions, hotels, restaurants and other venues that resulted in increased revenue.