Why Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

When it comes to choosing between a boutique shop and a corporate agency, bigger does not always mean better. Top talent often migrates toward smaller agencies because there’s more room to stretch and be creative. Boutiques aren’t responsible to stockholders so they can focus on each client and the best creative solution rather than a conglomerate of clients and the worst of corporate politics. Smaller agencies have far more room for big ideas that are fresh and original, rather than old, haggard messages pushed through the corporate mainstream like Cheez-Whiz .

Boutiques are also able to give each client the attention that’s deserved. Face-time with principals continues long after you sign, through the final execution and beyond. Also, there’s no room for low-level employees and low-level work. Everyone is hand-selected and they have the talent to carry their own weight times ten. The turnaround time can’t be beat, either. That’s because there aren’t multiple layers of approvals that slow down the process and water down its impact. And when you have a client request, someone, not something will take your call and have an answer for you – if not immediately then shortly thereafter.

A boutique has no closed doors, only open minds and room on a calendar to fit your schedule – rather than visa versa.

If you’re looking to compete with the big boys, your best bet may be to use a small boutique shop to help you quickly, nimbly run circles around them.