Tbc Agreement

14.6 Assignment. The customer does not have the right to assign to a company the benefits or obligations arising from the agreement without the prior written consent of TBC, which may be granted at best by TBC. TBC may assign all or part of the benefits and obligations arising from this Agreement without the customer`s consent. 3.1 The customer guarantees that he has the power to enter into this contract, that he is solvent and that he is able to repay his debts at maturity, and that this contract creates a legal and binding obligation and that all information provided by the customer to TBC is accurate and accurate in all respects. (a) a reference to these Terms or to any other agreement between the parties implies any modification or replacement; 13.1 The Client shall notify TBC in writing of any change in its structure or management, including a change in the director, shareholder, partnership, management or details thereafter (including changes to its name or address). If the customer agrees. This agreement can be executed and delivered if it is not complied with, then the customer agrees to exempt TBC from all losses arising therefrom. 14.9 Considerations. This Agreement may be signed in any number of equivalents, and each counterparty shall form a facsimile, electronically or by electronic signature, and the receiving Party may rely on the same document as if it were an original document or signature. .

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