Kroeger is teaming with Microsoft to revolutionize the way we shop!

With the rise of Amazon’s Fresh service as well as app services such as Instacart, many consumers prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their home word herunterladen 2013. Microsoft is set to launch new technology in two of Kroeger’s biggest stores in an attempt to bring shoppers back into the store.

The technology promises to personalize the shoppers experience, in the process making the experience much more bearable, while at the same time promising to increase Kroger associates’ productivity win 7 download kostenlos.

Here is how it works. Microsoft has created what they call EDGE (Enhanced Display for Grocery Environment) Shelf digital display system. The new digital display shelf will replace the traditional paper tags that we are used to seeing on the shelves apps für filme herunterladen. The digital display can communicate everything from pricing and promotions to nutritional and dietary information and even video ads.

This “digital price tag” gives Kroeger the ability to instantly change prices or initiate promotions across its stores download online storage. This offers major advantages to Kroeger – the ability to restock immediately and undercut the competition’s pricing on the fly while at the same time saving employees time that would have been spent changing the tags by hand kostenlose wii spiele herunterladen.

The coolest part of this technology is that the shelves communicate with the customer’s smartphones allowing them to quickly fill their custom shopping lists and even saving them time at the check-out lines ikea map.

As a customer goes down the aisle and passes an item on their shopping list, a personal icon of the shopper’s choosing, appears on the digital shelf letting them know to grab the item wo kann ich call of duty modern warfareen. The shopper can then use their smartphone (or a Kroeger supplied handheld device) to scan the item, allowing them to bypass the checkout line. Once they have scanned in the item, the app then lets the shopper know where to go to find the next item on their list saving them even more time kaspersky kostenlosen vollversion chip.

The shelves and app also work together to let the shopper know of any available coupons as they make their choices. It can even assist with a shopper’s dietary concerns wie kann man eine youtube playlisten. For example, if a shopper is gluten-free and is looking for products that do not elicit a weight gain, the app will let the shopper know which products are best to use in their weight loss programs happy birthday bilder kostenlos downloaden.

The technology is absolutely amazing and if all of the parts work together seamlessly, it would absolutely revolutionize the way we shop for groceries – making trips quicker and easier. It also frees up associates to help you with any questions.

But will it work? The technology is as of yet to be tested in a real-world environment. Microsoft and Kroeger plan to test it in two major stores and if successful, promise to expand to other locations and stores. The technology might be confusing to seniors who are used to traditional shopping and even cutting coupons but this is not the market that Microsoft and Kroeger are looking to corner.

As great as this technology is, the same technology can easily be implemented into Amazon’s Fresh service with one major difference, the shopper still doesn’t have to leave their couch to go to the grocery store. This not only is appealing to millennials but also seniors who have trouble getting around. Another concern would be the cost of this technology, will prices rise as a result? If so, that may discourage shoppers.

One thing is for sure, if the technology works practically in the real-world, a trip to the grocery store will be an entirely new and very convenient experience for the shopper.

One Fail Two Fail- The Microsoft Kin

Last week Microsoft pulled the plug on the Kin experiment, leaving 503 users worried about the future of their service gif herunterladen mac. Yes you read that correctly Microsoft sold 503 units in just a little over a month, I think that works out to 1 Prime Time ad per unit sold. What I find interesting about the Kin is every metric of success indicated people were interested in the product fotocollage programm kostenlos downloaden deutsch mac. Kins Facebook Page had over 200,000 fans! The ads were edgy, creative,and many even commented saying how cool they were musik kostenlos herunterladen computer bild.
Kin went wrong in a very simple way, it made life (seem) complicated. When I first saw the Ads I couldn’t sleep, the concept was that scary burn program for free download windows 10. Do I really want a total mashup of my Facebook feed, Twitter feed, my E-mail and my RSS? That thought which still gives me nightmares was at least one contributing factor wie kann ich von youtube musik kostenlos herunterladen.

The KIN probably suffered a bit because of the Microsoft brand (which has less street cred than a grandma) and the ambiguous concept of the Kin Suite (whatever that was) minecraft apk kostenloser download. In case you think this phone may have been a good idea, watch this product demo and tell me you still want it!

Facebook… Takes Over The World?

Today at the facebook conference F8 an attempt to take over the world went on display herunterladen. Today it became crystal clear that Facebook doesn’t just want to dominate social they want to dominate the web!

It seems like Facebook wants a like on every web page… personally I cant help but wonder how the IRS will fair on that front candy crush spiele kostenlos herunterladen.

Facebook wants to eliminate Google as a search tool. This probably indicates a consumer e-mail format in the near future.

Facebook announced a very interesting collaborative effort with Microsoft… movies on netflix. This is a full  attack on Google docs. Offering real time collaboration and document sharing online, the age of the cloud is very close videos von facebook herunterladen legal.

Facebook connect is gone… now you just sign in with Facebook, and this has been extended to much smaller sites.

The days of being a fan are over…now everyone just likes stuff age of mythology kostenlos downloaden vollversion deutsch. As a result I will have a hard time following celeb pages. I can see it now “Mike likes Kobe Bryant” awkward….

If you paid attention a few months ago Facebook signed a partnership with Paypal… which will likely make them a huge player in the e-commerce biz bus simulator 2012 vollversion kostenlosen.

The current make up of the digital landscape feels like this

Facebook V Google ::Google V Apple :: Microsoft V Apple

Apple V Amazon :: Microsoft V Google :: Google V Yahoo

Microsoft V Yahoo :: Yahoo V Facebook

Making Twitter::

This could be World War 3 depending on where you stand brawl stars herunterladen ps4!

Gaming Has Come a REALLY Long Way

Robert posted earlier about how The Beatles canon is finally available for Rock Band, which is cool and exciting and all…but the really cool stuff coming out of E3 is the real future of gaming: the full-body gaming experience wie kann man minecraft pocket edition kostenlosen. Microsoft’s new Project Natal for the xBox 360 puts you in control of your gaming experience, literally. With its new motion sensor technology (which I, being the least mechanically-inclined person EVER, still don’t get), your body becomes the controller burger king coupons herunterladen. That’s right, there is no remote, no controller with thumb-numbing buttons—just you. Having a light saber battle with Darth Vader. Jumping on Koopas and rescuing the Princess minecraft kostenlosen java. Swallowing dots and chomping on blue ghosts.

Well, okay, maybe the Pac Man thing is a bit of a long shot. But the others are distinct possibilities, if Natal works as promised deutsche bahn app herunterladen. And it’s not the only motion sensor gaming device out there—Nintendo announced its new Vitality Sensors, and Sony has its next-generation PS3. Like I said, I’m not so good at the mechanical side of this, so I’ll let PC World give you the point-by-point breakdown, but just imagine—instead of punching buttons to get your John Madden Football player to do the play you want, YOU could be tossing that winning pass anti viren programm kostenlos downloaden.

Or growing an extra foot from that crazy red mushroom.

Kylie Got Me Thinking…

You know that Microsoft ad – the one with the 4 ½ year-old Asian girl (Kylie), her fish, her camera, and her PC ebay downloaden kostenlos?

Well, five times and counting I’ve been zooming through the commercials with my DVR, yet stopped and rewound just to watch that one. I know on a basic level that I’m doing this because Kylie is likely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and as such, she is on the shortlist of people that can brighten even my darkest mood modern warfare warzone. IMO that ad is an example of nearly perfect execution. It’s the right message, at the right time (in response to the “I’m a Mac” ads), presented in the right way (you want user-friendly musik spiele kostenlos herunterladen? we’ve got your user friendly, and we’ll raise you a sense of just how tied into society our product really is).

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