The Power of User Generated Content

In today’s digital age it has become increasingly more important for small business to embrace and utilize UGC – User Generated Content to its fullest extent whatsapp duo herunterladen. User Generated Content is content created about a brand by unpaid contributors (or simply, fans) such as posts, pictures, videos, blog posts, tweets, or comments on social media channels skype for laptop. It differs from traditional ads and promotions in one key way. It is created by real life customers based on actual experiences with the brand. UGC demonstrates how people can use and interact with your products in their everyday lives minecraft download kostenlos pc.

Ad campaigns can list features and benefits of using a particular product but they do not create meaningful connections with the consumer. The easiest and most successful way to create these connections is to utilize UGC – have the users promote your brand for you yugioh devpro herunterladen. 82% of consumers say that UGC is extremely valuable in their purchasing decisions. 48% of consumers say that it is a great way to discover new brands and a whopping 92% trust recommendations from people that they do not know over brand content herunterladen.

Those statistics are significant. People respond to UGC campaigns for several reasons. One big reason is that it puts the customer front and center apps downloaden iphone x. Consumers love to share their experience and build a connection with like-minded people. Customers also trust the authenticity of UGC, which isn’t easy to come by these days, considering the profusion of brands on the internet today download everything that matters. Customer trust is always garnered by promulgating the adage ‘selling is service’, and constantly implementing the points stated on usenext herunterladen legal. In today’s online world people are skeptical of marketers and are not passively led by commercials and billboards like they once were. They want a say in who and where they purchase from and choose brands that connect with them on a human level – companies that understand them kostenlos.

Specifically, Millenials react strongly to UGC. In fact, 84% of Millenials claim that user generated content on a business’ website influence their decision to purchase filme von rtl now herunterladen. This is important because Millenials are also the biggest online shoppers spending about $2,000 each year online.

One of the biggest benefits of UGC is that it is quick and keeps up with current trends. You will not have to spend lots of time and money developing an advertising campaign that may be irrelevant by the time it airs. Instead you can embrace and rely on your users to stay in touch and on the top of the minds of your audience.

The power of utilizing UGC is apparent and we will continue to see more of it as customers continue to reject traditional advertising and marketing tactics and crave authenticity.

Social Media Roundup: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This past week had the usual run of viral videos featuring Beyonce and clever cats, but there was some interesting news as well. We’ll cover both the newsworthy and the purely viral in this week’s social media roundup spiel spiele zum herunterladen!

YouTube may be looking into creating a kids-only site, says Mashable herunterladen. The site already has safety features to protect younger viewers, but they’re not 100% foolproof. A kids-only site could be just what parents need, given the, er, adult popularity of some children’s shows, such as “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” It won’t erase the need for careful monitoring and safety features, but it’s a good start, if it comes to pass herunterladen.

A very informative study done by Fox, Twitter, and the Advertising Research Foundation shed some light on the dynamics between Twitter and television consumption herunterladen. Click over to Mashable to get the full details, but the long and short of it is that there is, in fact, a direct link between a show’s activity on Twitter and viewers’ actions, although not in the way you might expect windows designs herunterladen. The study reveals that the most influential proponents a show can have are the on-air talent, whether it be an actor or a host of a reality show. That being said, the more active a show’s brand is on Twitter, the more likely viewers are to make an effort to watch the show, and the more likely they are to take action on advertisements, especially if they are closely tied into the show’s activities herunterladen.

On the viral side of things, frequent flier Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Kevin Bacon to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bacon’s dance classic, Footloose gg. Fallon announced that NBC had made dancing on “The Tonight Show” illegal, and that did not sit well with Bacon. What follows is a brilliantly choreographed homage to Footloose, proving that Bacon (and his dance double) has still got it skype kostenlos downloaden deutsch windows vista. Click here to see the full video, and prepare for some serious 1980’s nostalgia anno 1701 download vollversion kostenlos.

Finally, just because we’re so excited for the return of “Game of Thrones” and because we like their social media efforts so much, check out some of the awesome fan art being sold on Etsy herunterladen. The dragon egg necklace in particular is really hard to resist.

Get Excited! It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

movies from the internet

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest day of the advertising year. To help you get excited, we’re going to do a roundup of the ads we’re most excited to see spyro pc kostenlos. Then, next week, we’ll take a look at which ads were actually the coolest and most effective.

Kia channels The Matrix:

Guinness inspires with an Olympic-themed disappearing ad:

Toyota turns to Terry Crews and the Muppets:

Budweiser tugs at the heart strings:

Squarespace brings the Internet to life:

In other Super Bowl news, Bud Light has bought most of the searches for Super Bowl ads:

And lastly, 61% of Internet users will share Super Bowl ads on social media:

Hit the comments and tell us your favorite herunterladen!

HootSuite on Hotels

HootSuite has a great blog post up this week about how hotels can use social media, but we think the advice bears repeating for any type of business music maker kostenlos herunterladen. Read on for our analysis of their advice.

1. “Take customer service to the next level, by listening to online conversations, then being proactive.”

This is definitely good advice for hotels, but it really does apply to everyone van youtube for free. Pay attention to your customers, just as you would if they were standing right in front of you or talking to you on the phone. Really listen to what they’re saying kann man bei amazon prime filme herunterladen. Do your best to anticipate problems and capitalize on successes. By doing so, you can turn a customer’s negative experience and turn it into a rave review herunterladen.

2. “Offer clients value and engagement, and see your sales grow. Become a thought-leader in your industry by using social media.”

Keep it customer-centric sims 4 mods herunterladen mac. Put yourself in a position to provide valuable information to your clients. Like the example in the blog post, be a concierge, meeting and anticipating customer needs while providing excellent value rambo 5 kostenlosen. The better you are at what you do, the better your ROI will be.

3. “Use social media for targeted marketing and building new business relationships.”

Use your analytics tools to find out where your clients are hanging out, then join the conversation videoen van youtube naar pc. Talk to influencers. Show them you’re listening. They’ll be happy to tell you what their needs are and how you can meet them. This gives you an opportunity to up your customer service ratings AND create new advertising avenues skat 2000 free of charge. You don’t have to be a hotel to know that that is just good business.



HootSuite has a great blog post up this week about how hotels can use social media, but we think the advice bears repeating for any type of business xbox musik herunterladen.

Like the example in the blog post, be a concierge, meeting and anticipating customer needs while providing excellent value.

This gives you an opportunity to up your customer service ratings AND create new advertising avenues herunterladen. You don’t have to be a hotel to know that that is just good business.


B2B Marketing

Here at Nostrum, we pride ourselves on our insatiable appetite for all things digital. After all, that’s where the world is moving, and we‘ve always been one step ahead of the pack coole spiele zum downloaden. But if you really want to know what drives us wild, it’s the data. The stats, figures, numbers driving the best and brightest B2B and B2C marketing campaigns outlook web app download for free.

And we’ve uncovered a real treasure trove of statistics from a fav marketing site: hubspot. This link provides a great list highlighting marketing statistics that actually matter spss 24 download for free. And at the top you’ll find SEO, which is a piece of the puzzle that marketers often overlook. SEO is the bread and butter for most B2B executive decision makers, who, if they don’t know the answer to something, will simply look it up on Google mozilla firefox german free windows 8.1. Often, keywords are the start of the decision journey for these decision makers, and a marketer would be remiss not to consider this when determining their company’s  online marketing efforts word 2013 trial.

Hubspot offers the following key SEO-related stats:

  • 61% of global Internet users research products online exfat. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012)
  • Worldwide, we conduct 131 billion searches per month on the web playerunknown's battlegrounds kostenlos downloaden deutsch. (Comscore, January 2010)
  • 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. (, October 2010)

Next on the hit parade: Blogging index für inklusion herunterladen. Blogging has been found to be particularly useful in establishing a company and its execs as industry thought leaders – a tactic that goes a long way in attracting business for both B2C and B2B iphone mails komplett herunterladen. Stats that speak to this:

  • Blog frequency impacts customer acquisition. 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog pdf software herunterladen. (HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing, 2012)
  • Nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing purposes. (eMarketer, August 2010)
  • The global population of blog readers keeps growing. (eMarketer, August 2010)

And, well, you know how we feel about social media and the power it has to transform the marketing landscape, particularly when used as part of a cross-platform media campaign. We believe, and our research confirms, that social media—when used to strategically target a specific audience segment—is a key component of B2B and B2C marketing efforts. And when it comes to B2B, you’ll want to research the online activity of those decision makers whose business you’re after. Identify the top five sites they frequent and then approach those sites about traditional display ads and native advertising.

Here’s what hubspot has to say in support of social media:

  • 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form. (Source: Aberdeen)
  • The majority of marketers (59%) are using social media for 6 hours or more each week. (Source: Social Media Examiner)
  • 83% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business. (Source: Social Media Examiner)

Analytics: Vine

You’ve probably already heard about Twitter’s new six-second video service, Vine bux x downloaden. What can you do in a six-second video? It could be something as simple as a cat video, but some brands are already introducing ads. The tool is already growing in popularity; more than 100,000 videos were shared on the service last weekend alone bizagi download kostenlos. But how do you know what’s working?

That’s where Simply Measured comes in. The analytics platform catalogues users and tweets that engage with your video, analyzes them, and then breaks down the data for you herunterladen. It’s a pretty cool tool, and well worth a try. Their free service runs the data overnight when there’s less traffic, but the paid version is done in real time videos von überall herunterladen. Check out this article from Mashable detailing how the service works.

Have you tried Vine yet win 10 spiele kostenlosen? What are you sharing?

Top 10 Digital Trends for 2012

Looking ahead for this year, what can we expect to see develop and unfold in the digital marketing world? Well, we don’t have a crystal ball (wouldn’t that be nice), but we can say with some degree of confidence that compelling social media content, sophisticated social media analytics, mobile marketing, and emerging markets will play a huge factor in how companies focus their money and energies. Check out this list spotify premium herunterladen geht nicht.

Take the last item in that list—emerging markets (think Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe)—and consider the fact that their GDP is growing 3 percent faster than North America’s smileys for whatsapp for free. This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers and companies who are looking to establish a foothold in new areas. As more people within these emerging markets gain access to the internet and increase their mobile and smart phone usage, companies will clamor to court them (both B2B and B2C customers) through social media, digital display ads, content marketing, SEO, video, native marketing, and more buy and songs.

And while we can’t tell with any kind of certainty how these marketing activities will play out, we can say that isolating individual countries and regions within these emerging markets will be key in gaining more market share eset online scanner kostenlos downloaden. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach, at least not yet. The technological infrastructure within these regions still remains shaky and will—to varying degrees—for some time apps auf speicherkarte downloaden. So, when it comes time to determine that magical marketing mix, it’s all about research, research, research. Which countries favor mobile? Which use smart phones?  Identifying trends, behaviors, and attitudes across these various emerging markets will inform your overall marketing approach timer zum herunterladen.

Instagram’s Record-breaking Holiday

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with it, a new Instagram record. In a blog post Friday morning, Instagram revealed that users shared more than 10 million photos with the word “Thanksgiving” mentioned, smashing all records herunterladen. During peak hours, users were sharing 200 Thanksgiving photos per second, breaking the previous record held by Hurricane Sandy.

This begs the question, “if Instagram is so amazingly popular, should I be using it for my business?” and the answer is a resounding yes dokumentenmanagement software kostenlos download. You can share anything from photos of your product, to users using your product, to pictures of office parties and employees, which helps to put a human face on your company sudoku to. What it boils down to is that Instagram is a great way to give your customers a behind the scenes peek at how your company is run, and people always love that minitab kostenlosen.

Another advantage to Instagram is that it allows you to see what users are doing with your product. If you sell pies, you can see how many people served your product at Thanksgiving kann im microsoft store nichts herunterladen. If you sell textiles, you can see who used them on their holiday table. If you sell insurance policies, you might not get so many results, but for many businesses, Instagram is another great metric to use to track engagement with your product swr mediathek sendung herunterladen.

From all of us here at Nostrum, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Difference Between Likes and Engagement

I have some bad news for you: all those “likes” you’ve got on your Facebook fanpage? They’re nice, but they’re not enough the nun herunterladen. Getting somebody to like your page is good. It’s getting eyeballs on your content, which is always a good goal to have. But it’s a pretty passive achievement helikopter simulator kostenlos downloaden. A Facebook like is the social media equivalent of somebody asking for your phone number; they’ve displayed some interest but you have no idea if they’ll ever call you zeitschriften pdf kostenlos.

So what SHOULD be your goal for Facebook? What does real engagement look like? Well, I’ll tell you. Comments. Shares. Links. Reposts. PURCHASES us patentschrift herunterladen. Don’t just aim to grow the number of likes. Ask open-ended questions. Talk to people. Have contests and giveaways. Be interesting, for crying out loud herunterladen. Combine all those and your page will be filling up with comments and shares in no time, because, as I always say, it all comes back to content. Produce good content and you can’t go wrong in social media kostenlos schach spielen gegen computer herunterladen.

Foursquare for Business (Yes, Yours Too)

Given that location-based app Foursquare had a 3400% growth in one year, it’s safe to say that location-based services aren’t going anywhere flash player download chip. Therefore it’s important for businesses to be able to work the system. Foursquare’s business section allows you to “claim your business” so that you can see who’s checking in, how often, and so on amazon music to download my music completely. Foursquare even allows businesses without physical locations to claim their businesses, making it perfect for web-based enterprises. They’re going to check in anyway, so you should really be aware of what your customers are doing herunterladen. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use Foursquare for your business.

If you “claim your business,” you’ll be able to utilize Foursquare’s popular badge recognition system herunterladen. This gamification of where you go and what you do is what made Foursquare so popular in the first place. The system allows you to recognize and reward your customers—give them some recognition, a small thank you for being a loyal customer herunterladen. In this situation, a little gratitude goes a long way.

One word: deals. If you set up a Foursquare page, you can create actual rewards for loyal customers brawl stars herunterladen imac. For example, our favorite sushi place gives you a free dessert for every third checkin. There while the mayor is in the house? Free drinks for everyone who checks in gratis prezi downloaden nederlands. For a web-based business, you could offer a five percent discount every fifth checkin, or five dollars off for every checkin with a friend. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards for loyalty will keep your clients coming back herunterladen.

Finally, Foursquare offers something invaluable: detailed analytics. You’ll be able to tell the male to female ratio of your customers, what time of day you get the most checkins, who your most loyal customers are, how this data compares to your existing loyalty program (if you have one), and more anno zum downloaden. And the best part? All this data is free. Knowing all this, the question is not “why Foursquare?” The question is “Why aren’t you on Foursquare already?”

The Basics: Tumblr

Tumblr is where blogging platforms intersect with social networks herunterladen. It’s as easy to set up as a Twitter account, meaning you’ll be off and posting in no time, but it’s also easily customizable to fit your company’s needs sway app herunterladen. Its “like” and “reblog” features make it super-simple for your followers to share your posts, and engagement is easy to measure by tracking how many likes and reblogs you get herunterladen. So what are the pros and cons of Tumblr, and should your business be using it?

Pro: it’s super easy to set up. Pick a URL, set a password, and you’ve got a blog sticker für whatsapp herunterladen. Then there’s the customization—pick a theme (or your own colors and fonts), put up a profile picture and an “about me” section, and your blog is ready to go word free herunterladen. Get posting!

Con: sometimes Tumblr is too simple. The customization options are good, but you can’t host it on your own server. You can use a custom URL, but you can’t host it yourself how can I download something on netflix. Tumblr also isn’t fully featured—you don’t have as much control over formatting. If you need something really specific, you might be better off with WordPress or something similar herunterladen.

Pro: Sharing is so, so easy. It’s just as simple as pushing “retweet” on Twitter. You can share other bloggers’ relevant posts, and your fans can share yours, with literally the push of a button rezepte zumen. They can also express interest by clicking “like”, similar to Facebook. It’s the best of both worlds because it’s easy to see how MUCH engagement you’re getting and WHO it’s coming from similar series.

Con: There really isn’t a con to this.

Pro: A lot of young people are on the site. Mashable breaks down the demographics as follows:
“Here’s the breakdown of who is using the blogging platform, according to Mark Coatney from Tumblr: In the U.S landwirtschafts simulator 20 kostenlos herunterladen. the audience tends to be younger — 56% of the service’s 25.2 million monthly visitors are under 34, and users skew slightly more male (52%). If that sounds like your average customer, you may want to give it a go.”

Con: Older people are much less prevalent on Tumblr, so if you are marketing, say, insurance or chiropractic services, you may not be in the right place.

Pro: Posting is fool-proof. Tumblr offers you options like text post, photo, video, dialogue, and more. All you have to do is enter your content and click go. Tumblr’s themes will arrange your posts in a visually attractive way without you having to do anything.

Con: The formatting is decided by how you set up your blog at the beginning. You can do some HTML customization but the basic format is already set. For a lot of people without code experience, this can actually be a pro.

The bottom line is that Tumblr is really easy to use and is good for most people. You may want to think twice if you need specific layouts or if your demographic group isn’t on the site, but otherwise, Tumblr gets a big fat yes.

Social Media: the Next Frontier

The next frontier for B2B marketing might involve dipping a toe or two into the social media pool—a strategy that many B2B marketing practitioners would eschew in favor of the traditional (and safe practice) of direct marketing tactics foto's van android naar mac. But, if a company is genuinely interested in increasing its market share and bottom line in B2B, there’s no better way to reach those business decision makers than by adopting a social media strategy herunterladen. Sure, B2B marketers may choose to stick with time tested digital ads – FaceBook ads, Google ads, display ads, SEO with the best services one could click here now to find—but they’d be missing out on an opportunity to fully engage their audience and boost the bottom line youtube videos auf ipad downloaden. If they really want to hit that marketing bulls-eye, they must consider SOCIAL MEDIA.

A multi-platform campaign that helps boost brand awareness and position the company as a thought leader is critical and should contain an element of emotional appeal, long considered the domain of consumer marketing tiptoi manager cannot be downloaded. Paid digital media certainly has its place, but what we should realize is that B2B marketing doesn’t have to follow a prescribed formula. Thought leadership can be done in traditional and non-traditional ways, and business communications can be treated in a consumer-friendly way, just read what the folks over at GE, IBM, and American Express have accomplished in the B2B marketing sphere iphone app herunterladen geht nicht. They’ve actually taken a page out of the consumer marketing book by using Twitter, Facebook , and other social media outlets to promote their business “story” and reach key decision makers facebook videos android downloaden.

To reach the decision makers, one needn’t rely solely on direct selling tactics like direct sales calls, trade shows, and so forth dj programm kostenlosen deutsch vollversion. And to build brand/company equity and establish those long-term relationships with those key decision makers, a cross platform digital marketing approach is essential and will help differentiate you from your competitors joyn. Building brand awareness for your product ultimately IS effective in reaching and engaging business decision makers. You might not see immediate ROI overnight, but you will be positioning your business for long-term success spiele ab 12 kostenlos herunterladen.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Klout

Another company that really gets social media is Klout adblocker chrome herunterladen. Obviously they’re involved—social media analytics is their business, after all. But they manage their own media really well, using it to gain new users and re-engage existing ones dragon age origins content to download. You can follow them on Twitter here or Facebook here yahoo herunterladen deutsch.

The best thing about Klout’s strategy, though, is their perks. The Klout score in itself is a useful analytical tool, but it can also get you free goods and services whole movies for free. For example, our employees have received, among other things, a free Flip video camera, a $25 American Express gift card, and early access to last year’s hit TV show “Falling Skies,” complete with an interactive transmedia game and show merch google sketchup 7 for free german.

Between their top-notch tools and enticing perks, Klout is a company that really gets social media.

Audience Segmentation and Digital Marketing

Audience segmentation. It’s part of the marketing lexicon and a process every marketing pro knows. But how is it different today than it was, say, 10 years ago herunterladen? Well, for one, the proliferation of digital and social media throughout the world has given rise to a whole new audience that we must consider: emerging markets herunterladen. Latin America, Russia, India, and China are in the process of rapid growth and industrialization, meaning they are ripe for the marketing picking. Their exposure to a variety of new, digital and social media means marketers will need to redirect energy and money to account for this new normal icloud to pc.

But, like all heterogeneous groups, the citizens in these regions respond differently to various forms of media and marketing snapchat on pc. One difference we see in Internet behavior between emerging and developed markets is that it’s generally much easier to engage with consumers in emerging markets sport musik herunterladen. As far as digital marketing tactics go, there are a few key takeaways from this article cd burner herunterladen.

Search ads, video ads, animated banner ads, map ads, embedded video ads, widgets, and gadgets carry far more appeal with audiences in emerging markets apps downloaden op pc. Those same outlets turn off consumers in developed nations, who are much more likely to talk about and engage with brands found from search ads and map ads lustige tiervideos zum herunterladen. Which ads really rankle consumers in both markets? Pop-ups and floating ads. Fifty-one percent of respondents in mature markets and 13% of respondents in emerging markets dislike the former, while forty-three percent of consumers from mature markets and 10% of consumers from emerging markets just say no to floating ads kostenlose suchspiele herunterladen.

So when it comes time to draw your own marketing plan—whether it’s domestic or abroad, just remember that one size does NOT fit all herunterladen. A fair amount of research that considers consumer preferences in marketing mediums goes a long way in ultimately helping to develop a marketing strategy with the greatest possible chance of success.

Source Credit:

marketing to friends

Seth Godin makes simple things even simpler. In a recent post of his, he discusses marketing in the current climate and the changes people naturally make when “selling” to friends ubuntu updates not possible failed to refresh cache. I totally agree with him in his notion that as long as you have enough friends, there is no need to sell to strangers.

While Twitter and other social media entities are trying to figure out metrics that make sense to those more versed in traditional marketing, digital marketers should just use Godin’s logic sony psp spiele kostenlosen. Whose opinion would you value? your friends’ or the mishmash of celebrity endorsers, flashing lights, and half-naked models traditionally used to sell you stuff while insulting your intelligence application for unemployment benefit?

i screen, you screen, we all scream for more screens!

app gamesen

The Nielsen Company  just did a 5 million dollar study to see if the media elite need to address added forms of media measurement.

The whole NY TIMES recap and the NPR podcast are here but some quick highlights:

  • The average American is exposed to 61 minutes of TV ads and promotions a day
  • TV remains the dominant medium for media consumption and advertising, the study found watchbox videos. (Does that shock anyone – the study was done by the research dept for the TV industry?)
  • The data suggests that computer usage has supplanted radio as the second most common media activity microsoft store spiel herunterladen. Print now ranks fourth.
  • Adults are exposed to screens — TVs, cellphones, even G.P.S. devices — for about 8.5 hours on any given day,
  • Researchers found that the number of minutes with media is almost identical for every age group
  • Continue Reading

Flirting in the Dark


Placing Media as a standalone offering is like winking at a girl in the dark. She will never see it happening so why even do it?!

In today’s world, it is rarely the case that a client dumps all of their money into one medium (ie Broadcast or print) and then their message is sprayed and they pray that it reaches the right demographic so that the desired goal is met older ios versions. The world doesn’t work like that, nor do people consume media in that manner anymore.

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