Facebook is considering giving a thumbs down to “likes”


Facebook is considering making a significant change to their popular social platform. Beginning today in Australia, the company has begun hiding the number of “likes” appen voor mac.

Instead of seeing “Jane Doe and 20 others” like your post, users in Australia now simply see “Jane Doe and others”. But why the change to the long-standing practice of “counting likes” windows 7 installationsdateien herunterladen?

Facebook is responding to feedback they have received from mental health and well-being experts. The company believes the change will encourage users to interact with posts in more constructive ways gratis browsers downloaden.

Experts believe too many users are focused on the validation they receive from a high number of “likes”. Experts also feel that receiving a relatively low number of “likes” on a particular post can result in feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and even depression in certain Facebook users, according to this article from Observer the CBD oil can help you reducing these symptoms wie kann ich 2 mal die gleiche app herunterladen.

While this may be true, Facebook needs to ask themselves how this change will affect the Facebook platform itself.

For many users, counting the number of “likes” represents validation from their peers kostenlosen mediaplayer herunterladen. A high number can even result in hit of dopamine to the brain which results in pleasure.

Removing the number of “likes” may or may not result in more “constructive interactions” appsen macbook. It may in fact, result in less interactions. By removing the main catalyst for using and interacting with the site, Facebook may find their number of users decrease herunterladen. A number which has been on a steady decline in recent years.

A 2019 study revealed that an estimated 15 million fewer people use Facebook than they did just two years ago excel 2007 for free german. The biggest drop being in the coveted 12-34 age demographic, however the decrease is seen across the board.

This decrease in users can be attributed to Facebook’s social privacy woes and continued breaches of users’ trust, the fact that many consider the site to be overrun by advertisements, and of course the dreaded “fake news” phenomenon herunterladen.

The good news for the company, many of these users are not leaving Facebook completely but instead, flocking to the Facebook owned platform Instagram netto app herunterladen kostenlos. It has become clear that Instagram is the “hip” social media platform of choice for the younger generation of social media users. It is rivaled (just barely) by competitor Snapchat.

The bad news is that they have already begun testing the idea of removing the number of “likes” from Instagram as well in several countries, which has increased the number of people having crisis and anxiety, if you are one of those we recommend you to read this article of Discover about how the CBD can help you reducing the stress caused by this situation.

Facebook may be hoping to inspire more constructive interactions and may have the users’ best interest in mind, but they may be shooting themselves in the proverbial foot – driving users away from the platform, which is already losing users at a record pace.

If they make the same change to Instagram, that platform may no longer be perceived as the “hip” social platform of choice among the younger generations and users may end up flocking to Snapchat or the next innovative social platform to come along.

What are your thoughts? Would making a Facebook and/or Instagram post be as enjoyable of an experience with no “likes” to count?

This writer doesn’t think so. Perhaps Facebook should be more concerned with making changes that protect users’ privacy instead of changing things that actually make using the site a fun, enjoyable experience.

2013 Year in Review

As 2013 winds down, let’s take a look at some of the best viral marketing and content of the year.

First, as you may have noticed, Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy character was everywhere this year, promoting Anchorman 2 herunterladen. The character did everything from auto ads to interviewing Broncos star Peyton Manning. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the Burgundy campaign was effective herunterladen.

Next, Century 21 created a fantastic campaign to sell Walter White’s Albuquerque home in the wake of Breaking Bad’s departure herunterladen. They made a fake Craigslist ad and set up a phone line where a Century representative congratulates the user on their great taste ustream herunterladen.

Finally, Grumpy Cat. That frowny-faced cat is everywhere! What started as a cute internet meme became a lucrative merchandising machine for the cat’s owners, with calendars, t-shirts, and television appearances galore microsoft word kostenlos macen. Who could resist that face?

We hope your 2013 was fantastic and that your 2014 will be even better play for free clash of clans! Happy New Year!

Social Media Roundup

This has been a big week in social media, so let’s do a roundup.

Needless to say, people were outraged, and the tweet was pulled mjam app herunterladen. The company has since apologized.

  • HBO is keeping the Game of Thrones love alive with a campaign to smear the TV king everyone loves to hate: Joffrey Baratheon herunterladen. Using the hashtag #roastJoffrey, users are being asked to tweet the nastiest things they can think of about the boy king. Even Oreo and JC Penney got in on the action herunterladen.

  • Twitter made a major change to its block feature, making it so that blocked users could still follow and interact with their blocker’s tweets the elder scrolls online kostenlos downloaden. Users were outraged, asserting that the changes favored harassers instead of protecting victims. The move was so unpopular that Twitter undid it the same day bea herunterladen.

  • Last but not least, Queen Bey dropped an album with no warning, generating millions of tweets without an ounce of promotional marketing dragon ball z downloaden. Beyonce’s unconventional release paid off, as the album shot to number one. Get the full story here kann bei cannapower nicht mehren.

Twitter’s New Pic Problem

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is in trouble again. The platform is under fire for a much-reviled new policy of making all user-posted media automatically appear in your timeline, with no way around it (you’re welcome, advertisers) musik direkt auf handy downloaden. This might not sound like a big deal but it’s proving to be problematic in that there’s no way to avoid pictures that are, shall we say, not safe for work herunterladen.

This new policy backfired on Costolo yesterday when parody account @ProfJeffJarvis posted a full-frontal nude picture and then started tweeting (facetiously) about why he was losing followers herunterladen. The account, run by Rurik Bradbury of Unison, started including Costolo in these tweets, and Costolo did not get the joke.

Needless to say, somebody seems to have informed Costolo about the truth of the situation, because the account is now suspended downloaden fortnite ps4. However, the evidence remains, thanks to Storify and ValleyWag snapchaten voor pc.

The lesson to learn from Costolo’s misstep is that you need to pay attention to the conversation before you get involved. It would have taken about thirty seconds for Dick Costolo to look at @ProfJeffJarvis’s feed and see, not only the silly tweets, but the NSFW picture, and he could have either responded with appropriate humor or chosen not to get involved, instead of putting his foot in his social media mouth sims for free chip. In any case, whether you’re a small business or the CEO of a giant company, you need to pay attention to what your users are telling you before you try to diagnose, let alone fix, a problem dmax.de video downloaden.

Amelia Earhart’s Flight into Social Media

Amelia Earhart is plotting a transcontinental flight. No, not THAT Amelia Earhart, but one who resembles her in more than name. Colorado news reporter Amelia Rose Earhart is planning a 100-hour flight in order to get young women and girls interested in aviation the way her namesake did videos downloaden iphone app. But there will be a few differences this time. Today’s Earhart has made intense amounts of preparation, taking courses on how to survive if she and her copilot are forced to ditch the plane over water, among other lifesaving techniques herunterladen.

But what really sets Earhart the second apart is that you’ll be able to monitor her flight every step of the way pc spiele gratis downloaden vollversion. The plane will be fitted with multiple live cameras, plus custom satellite tracking equipment, allowing viewers to keep track of where Earhart is and how the flight is going pdf vollversion kostenlosen. More than that, Earhart and copilot Patrick Carter will host live Facebook and Twitter chats while in the air. Now that’s a novel user experience herunterladen.

Sesame Street Meets Google Earth

We’ve written before about how well the Muppets franchise does social media, but they’re broadening their transmedia reach with a foray into Google Earth kostenlos auto simulator downloaden. Furry and loveable monster Grover is providing tours of Sesame Street Workshops around the world, starting with a charming introduction showbie app.

Other Muppets get in on the action, introducing different versions of Sesame Street, like this one from Northern Ireland, known as Sesame Tree, complete with its own accent-sporting Muppets java update gratisen.

There are several reasons this pairing works so well. First, it achieves both partners’ primary goal: education moving images for free. Users of all ages can learn about the world through the medium of the beloved children’s program. Second, it’s creative. Taking a TV show (or other property) and moving into multiple forms media is pretty much a necessity these days, and Sesame and Google is a perfect pairing video von fb herunterladen. Third, it’s done with incredible grace. These kinds of partnerships can often come off as pure advertising, or simply as cheesy, but in this case, the end goal is education first, not just hits microsoft office 2010 home and student download free full german. Users can generally tell when a brand means well, and that often goes a long way towards making something go viral.

What are some other creative transmedia partnerships you’ve seen netflix download op laptop mac? Hit the comments and let us know!

Facebook’s Autoplay Conundrum

Facebook has been making a series of changes to its user experience that all seem to be pointing in one direction: autoplay ads. The move was rumored to be coming in April, but has since been pushed back picturepeople bild herunterladen. It’s looking like it will happen, if it happens at all, in October. This is potentially cause for celebration for advertisers, but for users, it’s cause for annoyance whatsapp profile picture. Animated gifs popping up in your Tumblr feed is one thing, but nobody likes it when a commercial starts playing as soon as you open a page. At best, it’s a minor irritation, and at worst, it’s cause for clicking away from the page windows 7 update manuell herunterladen. That being the case, it will be interesting to see who Facebook aims to please—users, or advertisers.

Speaking as someone with a foot in both camps, I think Facebook would do well to cater to users in this instance libreoffice 5.1 download kostenlos. Pleasing the advertisers is a good goal to have, but the only reason advertisers are so hot to get space on Facebook is its legions of active users. Remember Twitter and its infamous Quickbar wie kann man ein lied von youtube herunterladen? Users hated it, and it was gone in less than a month. Autoplay ads are much more jarring and intrusive, so how will users respond to that? As one exec puts it, autoplay ads are usually used for cheap fishing expeditions, rather than for quality advertising staroffice 9 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. It will be for Facebook to decide what kind of ads they want on their platform.

What do you think? Are autoplay ads worth the user outcry?

The TARDIS Has Landed

Fans of long-running BBC show Doctor Who got a fun surprise on Google Maps earlier this week when a new Easter Egg was discovered maps navigon for free. For those who don’t watch the show, the titular alien travels in a spaceship disguised as a London police box, the TARDIS. The real ones are a holdover from the 1950s, when London cops used the blue boxes to call into their precincts or to hold unruly suspects until backup could arrive onenote vorlagen downloaden. For those who do watch the show, you know that the 50th anniversary is fast approaching, and Google decided to commemorate it by adding an Easter Egg to the Street View of one of the last working police boxes, outside Earl’s Court Station ipod touch spiele kostenlosen. If you Google “Earl’s Court police box London,” or something similar, you’ll be taken to a Street View shot showing the iconic blue box. If you then click on the double arrows near the foot of the box, something magical happens funny sayings to download. You get to go inside the TARDIS. For the moment, you can only explore the console room, from which the Doctor pilots his ship, but fans are hoping more rooms will be added (perhaps the swimming pool, or the library, or the swimming pool in the library) sims spiel herunterladen.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the fun of exploring the incredibly detailed console room as they wait for the much-anticipated 50th Anniversary episode, during which Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, will say his final farewell, and Twelve, Peter Capaldi, will take over gta 5 wieder downloaden. Judging by the amount of mystery surrounding the episode, fans would do well to keep their eyes peeled for more interactive Easter Eggs around the web google photos album.

Interacting with the Real World

We often praise interactive ad ideas, but this is one we’ve never seen before. Ogilvy and cooking school Carulla have come out with a new kind of cookbook–one you have to slice open to read it how can I download videos from fb. That’s right. With a knife. The rationale is that you have to practice your knife skills while using the book. On the one hand, this sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen javascript downloaden op ipad. On the other, using an analog book to combat the glut of digital competitors is a very cool, almost retro idea. Head over to Wired for the full writeup bluetooth peripheral driver for free.

The reason this is cool is that Ogilvy is combining advertising with real-world utility xbox 360 themen herunterladen. As we’ve said before, the way to get users coming back is to provide something of value. It could be anything, whether it be a cookbook or just useful or interesting information rasierer herunterladen. By giving the customer something they can use, especially if it’s something they can see or hold, you make them feel that their attention is worth something, rather than feeling like just a pair of eyeballs visio shapes download kostenlos. And when it comes down to it, that’s what it’s all about–keeping the customers coming back.

Top 10 Digital Trends for 2012

Looking ahead for this year, what can we expect to see develop and unfold in the digital marketing world? Well, we don’t have a crystal ball (wouldn’t that be nice), but we can say with some degree of confidence that compelling social media content, sophisticated social media analytics, mobile marketing, and emerging markets will play a huge factor in how companies focus their money and energies. Check out this list spotify premium herunterladen geht nicht.

Take the last item in that list—emerging markets (think Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe)—and consider the fact that their GDP is growing 3 percent faster than North America’s smileys for whatsapp for free. This presents a tremendous opportunity for marketers and companies who are looking to establish a foothold in new areas. As more people within these emerging markets gain access to the internet and increase their mobile and smart phone usage, companies will clamor to court them (both B2B and B2C customers) through social media, digital display ads, content marketing, SEO, video, native marketing, and more buy and songs.

And while we can’t tell with any kind of certainty how these marketing activities will play out, we can say that isolating individual countries and regions within these emerging markets will be key in gaining more market share eset online scanner kostenlos downloaden. It’s not a one-size-fits all approach, at least not yet. The technological infrastructure within these regions still remains shaky and will—to varying degrees—for some time apps auf speicherkarte downloaden. So, when it comes time to determine that magical marketing mix, it’s all about research, research, research. Which countries favor mobile? Which use smart phones?  Identifying trends, behaviors, and attitudes across these various emerging markets will inform your overall marketing approach timer zum herunterladen.

Instagram’s Record-breaking Holiday

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with it, a new Instagram record. In a blog post Friday morning, Instagram revealed that users shared more than 10 million photos with the word “Thanksgiving” mentioned, smashing all records herunterladen. During peak hours, users were sharing 200 Thanksgiving photos per second, breaking the previous record held by Hurricane Sandy.

This begs the question, “if Instagram is so amazingly popular, should I be using it for my business?” and the answer is a resounding yes dokumentenmanagement software kostenlos download. You can share anything from photos of your product, to users using your product, to pictures of office parties and employees, which helps to put a human face on your company sudoku to. What it boils down to is that Instagram is a great way to give your customers a behind the scenes peek at how your company is run, and people always love that minitab kostenlosen.

Another advantage to Instagram is that it allows you to see what users are doing with your product. If you sell pies, you can see how many people served your product at Thanksgiving kann im microsoft store nichts herunterladen. If you sell textiles, you can see who used them on their holiday table. If you sell insurance policies, you might not get so many results, but for many businesses, Instagram is another great metric to use to track engagement with your product swr mediathek sendung herunterladen.

From all of us here at Nostrum, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Doing Tumblr Right: Doctor Who

A lot of people wonder about Tumblr for marketing, and we’ve done a few posts about how to do that Download Christmas backgrounds for free. Now here’s a really excellent example of a company using Tumblr to harness a community: the BBC’s Doctor Who. The long-running British TV series is insanely beloved across the pond, and it’s getting more and more popular here in the States (and around the world) herunterladen. The BBC’s US arm, BBC America, is running a fantastic Tumblr, harnessing the power of an already rabid fanbase and turning it to their own advantage alle fotos icloud herunterladen.

What makes the Doctor Who Tumblr so great? Here’s a list:

–You can tell it’s run by fans. They truly love the show as much as their followers do, and that’s saying something youtube videos download online for free legal.

–They keep their posts coming. The content is always fresh.

–They keep it varied herunterladen ganzer film erfahrungen. From official news posts to popular scenes from the show to behind the scenes footage, and even fan art, there’s always something interesting and exciting to see super mario spielen kostenlos.

–They make it interactive. They hold contests, ask for stories, and really listen to fan input. There’s no better way to devise a marketing strategy than to listen to your customers 2 stunden video von youtube downloaden.

BBC America clearly understands Tumblr. Their community managers speak the language (and the language is animated gifs and fan squeals) sims 3 herunterladen ohne cd. The best way to learn about a medium is to immerse yourself in it, and the Doctor Who team has mastered just that.

What Not to Do: Cars

I just had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life, from a company that really ought to know better. You’d think in these hard times that a car dealer would be customer-focused, doing their utmost to make the customer happy and sell some cars. What I found instead was that this car corporation in general, and one dealership in particular, were at best, indifferent, and at worst, actively rude herunterladen. From personal experience, here is a detailed list of what NOT to do.

1. Acting like you have a captive audience. This is the only dealership of this type in this part of Los Angeles, and that being the case, they really don’t care if you buy a car from them or not. As they rudely told me many times throughout the three hours that I was there, “You need to decide whether you want this car or not. If you don’t buy it, somebody else will.” That did not have the desired effect of motivating me to buy the car; it made me want to get up and walk out pt sans font.

2. Lying. Both Financial Services AND the dealership lied to me repeatedly. Here’s an itemized list.

  1. Corporate office told me that they would send the original title to the DMV so that I could register the car. They never did. They were lying to me even before I started the purchase process.
  2. Financial Services told me I had three options: 1) send a check for the full amount canon drucker software herunterladen. 2) Turn in the car. 3) Go to the dealership and finance it. Nobody ever said I had the option to extend my lease. That may be a rare choice, but it would have made my life a lot easier to keep my low payment amount for a while, and I didn’t learn I had the option till after I left the dealership.
  3. The salesmen (plural!) insisted that I had to get the car Certified or I couldn’t purchase it at all. One salesman in particular, lied to my FACE, claiming that that was California law herunterladen. When I pressed him, asking for the law, he said, as rudely as he could, “I don’t have to do that for you, I won’t go that extra mile for you.”
  4. Told me that if I wanted to finance through the company, again, I had to get it certified, which cost TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, insisting that they would make all repairs necessary and bring the car up to new car standards. All they did was change the oil and a couple of air filters. I GOT A TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR OIL CHANGE. This is NOT California law. It is a moneymaking scheme designed to pass money on to the dealership herunterladen.
  5. After two and a half hours, they finally sent me to the finance guy to sign the papers. He claimed that the sales manager had misquoted the price and raised my monthly payment.
  6. They promised me a loaner car while my car was being certified. This actually turned out to be a rental car from a third party, which took an hour of my day and caused me to miss out on an hour’s worth of work and pay adobe flash player für ipad kostenlos.
  7. Claimed I couldn’t leave the car overnight to save myself a trip and being late to work the next morning. When I arrived to pick it up, in the service area, there was a dropbox where I could have left my keys overnight. The whole rental car fiasco was totally unnecessary. That’s a total of seven major lies, not even delivered politely.

3. Passing the buck Sky go pc. When I confronted the sales manager about the terrible experience I’d had, all he would say was “I never lied to you. It’s not my fault. I didn’t know. The employees should know better.” When somebody calls your company on a mistake, never EVER pass the buck, especially when you’re in a position to teach your employees the right way of doing things herunterladen. Take responsibility. Apologize. Make it right. Don’t blame your coworkers, and NEVER EVER blame the customer.

4. Throwing new employees in the deep end. New employees shouldn’t be allowed to handle customers till they know what they’re doing. The finance MANAGER had to tear up my paperwork four or five times because he was new and didn’t know their system open office download kostenlos deutsch windows 7. If you are handling big financial decisions, make sure your employees know what they’re doing and don’t raise the price on customers just as they’re about to sign a binding contract.

4. Being rude. If a customer asks a question, answer it straight out. If a customer disagrees with you, don’t get angry. Be calm and answer politely www.o2.de/retouren herunterladen. Diffuse the situation instead of making it worse. Don’t ever blame the customer. Never refuse to go the extra mile, and if you aren’t willing to do more, at least have the courtesy not to bark the fact at the customer.

5. Not fixing the problem. When I took to Twitter to voice my dissatisfaction, Customer Service simply said, “give us more information so we can document the incident.” They didn’t offer a solution, didn’t express a desire to help make it right. Not only did they put all the work on me, their only goal was to shut me up.

Bottom line, my experience with this company has been a total nightmare. I will never buy another car from them and I will do everything in my power to convince other buyers not to shop there, or at least not from this dealership. This has been a case study in what not to do: not only have they lost themselves a formerly loyal and vocal customer, they’ve gained a loud and angry detractor. This is what bad customer service does: it goes viral.

The Difference Between Likes and Engagement

I have some bad news for you: all those “likes” you’ve got on your Facebook fanpage? They’re nice, but they’re not enough the nun herunterladen. Getting somebody to like your page is good. It’s getting eyeballs on your content, which is always a good goal to have. But it’s a pretty passive achievement helikopter simulator kostenlos downloaden. A Facebook like is the social media equivalent of somebody asking for your phone number; they’ve displayed some interest but you have no idea if they’ll ever call you zeitschriften pdf kostenlos.

So what SHOULD be your goal for Facebook? What does real engagement look like? Well, I’ll tell you. Comments. Shares. Links. Reposts. PURCHASES us patentschrift herunterladen. Don’t just aim to grow the number of likes. Ask open-ended questions. Talk to people. Have contests and giveaways. Be interesting, for crying out loud herunterladen. Combine all those and your page will be filling up with comments and shares in no time, because, as I always say, it all comes back to content. Produce good content and you can’t go wrong in social media kostenlos schach spielen gegen computer herunterladen.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Glitch

One thing we love here at Nostrum is people making amazing online games. If you’re reading this, you know we’re into transmedia storytelling, so whenever we find a game doing that well, we have to shout about it dropbox download deutsch kostenlos. And Glitch not only excels at that, but also at social media and community. Glitch’s mechanics are based around the players’ interactions with the game onedrive album herunterladen. Users get to expand the world by working together on group projects, and they get to vote on how they want the world to change. If that isn’t textbook crowdsourcing, I don’t know what is Download and cut youtube video.

Glitch also rocks at more traditional social media html5 herunterladen. Their blog is super-transparent. The parent company, TinySpeck, sings the praises of every new designer and developer they hire, and they update their users with the changes made every single release word 2016 gratis downloaden nederlands. They provide even more detailed updates on their secondary Twitter account, @glitchlog, where they announce every single player-facing change they make birthday video for free download. Of course they also have their main Twitter account, @playglitch, which they use for talking to players and sharing behind the scenes peeks into life at TinySpeck emergency 4 mods for free. In short, Glitch is so seamlessly integrated with social media and community, you hardly even have to think about it at all. They just breathe it.

A Love Letter to Social Media: SproutRobot

The next installment in our series of companies who are doing it right is green startup SproutRobot. This company is amazing wo kann man valorant downloaden. You give them your zip code, and they tell you what kinds of fruits and veggies to plant, when, and how. They even give you cute little diagrams to show you how to sprout and care for every type of plant follow netflix follow macbook download!

The really smart thing, though, is that for a very small fee, SproutRobot will send you the right seeds for your garden (or balcony) size, at the right time, with the instructions for idiot-proof planting herunterladen. How could we say no to home-grown produce that we can grow on the patio?

In addition to a great business model, SproutRobot has their social media bases covered where to download drivers. Catch them on Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr microsoft security essentials deutsch kostenlos 64 bit windows 7.

A Love Letter to Social Media: ModCloth

A lot of companies are confused about how to use social media for their markets. Understandable—a lot of stuff in this area is untried steuerformulare 2019 zum herunterladen. But every so often, we find a company that just ‘gets it.’ Vintage-inspired online clothing retailer ModCloth.com is one of those youtube video downloaden seite. They get it. Their social media strategy is fabulous. Not only do they have an awesome range of products, they let their customers and fans into just about every facet of the business herunterladen. Users get to vote on new products with the Be the Buyer program. They show us what it’s like to work at ModCloth, AND they show off their products at the same time herunterladen! They have not one, but FOUR Twitter feeds: @ModCloth, @ModCloth1stLook, @ModClothCareers, and @ModClothPRBuzz herunterladen.

But the most important thing that ModCloth does? They take GOOD care of their customers. Every tweet gushing about a product or about their customer service gets a polite, friendly thank you wie kann man filme in netflix herunterladen. Every Monday and Thursday they run fun games with great perks. Every complaint gets addressed (relatively) quickly. Case in point: a while back, our community manager was looking for a dress for an event and lamenting that she couldn’t find anything cute in her size minecraft zum kostenlos herunterladen. ModCloth was following her on Twitter, saw her tweet (it wasn’t even directed at them) and linked her to their “extended sizes” section. You can bet she bought a dress right away drachenzähmen leicht gemacht 3 herunterladen.

And there you have it. The key to successful social media use isn’t frequent tweeting or racking up a lot of Facebook fans—it’s impeccable customer service spiele für pc kostenlos downloaden windows 7. The medium has changed, but the need remains the same. Take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you.

Audience Segmentation and Digital Marketing

Audience segmentation. It’s part of the marketing lexicon and a process every marketing pro knows. But how is it different today than it was, say, 10 years ago herunterladen? Well, for one, the proliferation of digital and social media throughout the world has given rise to a whole new audience that we must consider: emerging markets herunterladen. Latin America, Russia, India, and China are in the process of rapid growth and industrialization, meaning they are ripe for the marketing picking. Their exposure to a variety of new, digital and social media means marketers will need to redirect energy and money to account for this new normal icloud to pc.

But, like all heterogeneous groups, the citizens in these regions respond differently to various forms of media and marketing snapchat on pc. One difference we see in Internet behavior between emerging and developed markets is that it’s generally much easier to engage with consumers in emerging markets sport musik herunterladen. As far as digital marketing tactics go, there are a few key takeaways from this article cd burner herunterladen.

Search ads, video ads, animated banner ads, map ads, embedded video ads, widgets, and gadgets carry far more appeal with audiences in emerging markets apps downloaden op pc. Those same outlets turn off consumers in developed nations, who are much more likely to talk about and engage with brands found from search ads and map ads lustige tiervideos zum herunterladen. Which ads really rankle consumers in both markets? Pop-ups and floating ads. Fifty-one percent of respondents in mature markets and 13% of respondents in emerging markets dislike the former, while forty-three percent of consumers from mature markets and 10% of consumers from emerging markets just say no to floating ads kostenlose suchspiele herunterladen.

So when it comes time to draw your own marketing plan—whether it’s domestic or abroad, just remember that one size does NOT fit all herunterladen. A fair amount of research that considers consumer preferences in marketing mediums goes a long way in ultimately helping to develop a marketing strategy with the greatest possible chance of success.

Source Credit: makewebvideo.com/en/templates/logo-stings

Apps need to make sense to users…

Here are a couple that we feel add value to a user as opposed to having an app for an app sake….

Runpee.com – This is a cool app that lets users know the best time to skip out of the theater to make a quick bathroom break so that you don’t miss anything important

Mizpee.com – This site (and mobile app) links users up with bathrooms in major cities sport app herunterladen.

Trapster.com – This one helps people find speed traps and navigate around those pesky hiding places cops are known to frequent herunterladen.

Jott.com – turn your blackberry or iphone into a virtual assistant by allowing Jott to transpose your Voice Mails into text bookii stift herunterladen.

Pandora.com – Arguable the best streaming radio site on the web can be made portable herunterladen.

All of these apps are available for an iphone or blackberry.
We’re not prejudice here…Choose your tool wisely and there are answers somewhere… wo kann man youtube lieder kostenlos downloaden.

….a bit of music with a tech twist to chill for the day


I felt people may need a bit of break from constant barrage of information overload.

So I decided to post something that was shared to me by a good friend and previous Nostrum Employee: Alice In Wonderland Re-Mixed herunterladen.

Check it out: the site blends electronic music and technology with a disney-fied twist….

A must see and view….

queen we will rock you download for free