Digital & Social Advertising Success During a Pandemic

During any economic downturn the first budget that many companies cut is generally the marketing budget 3d konstruktionsprogramme kostenlos downloaden. However, today’s economic downturn due to COVID-19 is a different animal. Unlike a typical recession, this time consumers are still consuming and interacting with brands herunterladen. While it makes sense for certain retail and travel industries to cut their spending, other companies should consider redoing their marketing strategy so that it makes sense in today’s environment gif bilder herunterladen.

With many more people spending time at home consuming digital media, it makes sense for many advertisers to turn to digital and social advertising to drive sales and build their brands whatsapp herunterladen ohne google. It is especially important with traditional consumers who would normally go out to make their purchases are at home and doing their shopping online. Marketers need to direct their campaign to address the needs of consumers especially addressing their concerns as it relates to COVID-19 simulator pc games for free.

Another important point to note is the metrics used to measure the success of campaigns. Traditionally, conversions have been a key metric that marketers have used to measure the success of their digital and social campaigns herunterladen. In today’s environment marketers’ need to focus more on metrics such as brand awareness and engagement.

People have a lot more time on their hands but they are not necessarily making purchases, they are more or less browsing kostenlose musik zum herunterladen. Campaigns, in turn, need to refocus their direction from selling to educating consumers about what makes your business or product different and valuable jokes to.

Consumers are at home, practicing social distancing, and becoming more and more fearful when bombarded with news of the corona virus. Marketers need to focus on how their products and services can make the consumers’ life better leo kostenlos downloaden. If marketers are able to do this, the consumers will remember them long after the current pandemic has ended and they will be there to support those companies when they have the means to do so klöppelbriefe kostenlos herunterladen.

In today’s climate, it is important to be helpful to consumers. It may not be necessary for companies to cut their marketing efforts but to simply adjust the messaging and the goals of their campaigns. Online conversions may have dropped, but reach and engagement has increased with many users commenting, sharing, and reacting to social advertising.

This is the perfect environment for marketers to build brand awareness by showing how their products and services can help consumers during this trying time. Adjusting messaging now may not lead to conversions immediately but it can leave a lasting impression that will lead to conversions down the road.

The Power of User Generated Content

In today’s digital age it has become increasingly more important for small business to embrace and utilize UGC – User Generated Content to its fullest extent whatsapp duo herunterladen. User Generated Content is content created about a brand by unpaid contributors (or simply, fans) such as posts, pictures, videos, blog posts, tweets, or comments on social media channels skype for laptop. It differs from traditional ads and promotions in one key way. It is created by real life customers based on actual experiences with the brand. UGC demonstrates how people can use and interact with your products in their everyday lives minecraft download kostenlos pc.

Ad campaigns can list features and benefits of using a particular product but they do not create meaningful connections with the consumer. The easiest and most successful way to create these connections is to utilize UGC – have the users promote your brand for you yugioh devpro herunterladen. 82% of consumers say that UGC is extremely valuable in their purchasing decisions. 48% of consumers say that it is a great way to discover new brands and a whopping 92% trust recommendations from people that they do not know over brand content herunterladen.

Those statistics are significant. People respond to UGC campaigns for several reasons. One big reason is that it puts the customer front and center apps downloaden iphone x. Consumers love to share their experience and build a connection with like-minded people. Customers also trust the authenticity of UGC, which isn’t easy to come by these days, considering the profusion of brands on the internet today download everything that matters. Customer trust is always garnered by promulgating the adage ‘selling is service’, and constantly implementing the points stated on usenext herunterladen legal. In today’s online world people are skeptical of marketers and are not passively led by commercials and billboards like they once were. They want a say in who and where they purchase from and choose brands that connect with them on a human level – companies that understand them kostenlos.

Specifically, Millenials react strongly to UGC. In fact, 84% of Millenials claim that user generated content on a business’ website influence their decision to purchase filme von rtl now herunterladen. This is important because Millenials are also the biggest online shoppers spending about $2,000 each year online.

One of the biggest benefits of UGC is that it is quick and keeps up with current trends. You will not have to spend lots of time and money developing an advertising campaign that may be irrelevant by the time it airs. Instead you can embrace and rely on your users to stay in touch and on the top of the minds of your audience.

The power of utilizing UGC is apparent and we will continue to see more of it as customers continue to reject traditional advertising and marketing tactics and crave authenticity.

Get on the Game of Thrones Bandwagon

It’s been a long, cold winter, but Game of Thrones is finally back. We’ve blogged before about how great their use of social media has been, but now let’s take a look at how other people react to the show’s momentum adobe shockwave player for free german. For one thing, Sunday’s season premiere crashed HBOGo, which left users feeling extremely unhappy. Take a look at Mashable for some of the funnier reactions netflix filmeen windows 8. Our favorite is “Winter is…loading?” from Twitter user @marissachristy. HBOGo had similar problems in March with the season finale of True Detective, and they promised more support for the app, but to no avail film downloaden op iphone 6.

Meanwhile, those who did get to watch the episode loved it, including other brands looking to capitalize on the show’s trending status herunterladen. The tweets range from hilarious (Arrested Development) to ridiculous (Mentos), but they’re all interesting from a social media perspective ps3 spiele herunterladen kostenlos. The main question to ask yourself when trying to jump on another brand’s bandwagon is this: is it going to make users smile, or is it going to make them groan apple mail downloaden? Click here to see who was successful and who wasn’t.

Finally, if you didn’t see the episode, or just want to relive it, here it is recapped in .gif format, perfect for Tumblr function youtube. But beware…spoilers abound.

Social Media Roundup: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This past week had the usual run of viral videos featuring Beyonce and clever cats, but there was some interesting news as well. We’ll cover both the newsworthy and the purely viral in this week’s social media roundup spiel spiele zum herunterladen!

YouTube may be looking into creating a kids-only site, says Mashable herunterladen. The site already has safety features to protect younger viewers, but they’re not 100% foolproof. A kids-only site could be just what parents need, given the, er, adult popularity of some children’s shows, such as “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” It won’t erase the need for careful monitoring and safety features, but it’s a good start, if it comes to pass herunterladen.

A very informative study done by Fox, Twitter, and the Advertising Research Foundation shed some light on the dynamics between Twitter and television consumption herunterladen. Click over to Mashable to get the full details, but the long and short of it is that there is, in fact, a direct link between a show’s activity on Twitter and viewers’ actions, although not in the way you might expect windows designs herunterladen. The study reveals that the most influential proponents a show can have are the on-air talent, whether it be an actor or a host of a reality show. That being said, the more active a show’s brand is on Twitter, the more likely viewers are to make an effort to watch the show, and the more likely they are to take action on advertisements, especially if they are closely tied into the show’s activities herunterladen.

On the viral side of things, frequent flier Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Kevin Bacon to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bacon’s dance classic, Footloose gg. Fallon announced that NBC had made dancing on “The Tonight Show” illegal, and that did not sit well with Bacon. What follows is a brilliantly choreographed homage to Footloose, proving that Bacon (and his dance double) has still got it skype kostenlos downloaden deutsch windows vista. Click here to see the full video, and prepare for some serious 1980’s nostalgia anno 1701 download vollversion kostenlos.

Finally, just because we’re so excited for the return of “Game of Thrones” and because we like their social media efforts so much, check out some of the awesome fan art being sold on Etsy herunterladen. The dragon egg necklace in particular is really hard to resist.

Get Excited! It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

movies from the internet

This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest day of the advertising year. To help you get excited, we’re going to do a roundup of the ads we’re most excited to see spyro pc kostenlos. Then, next week, we’ll take a look at which ads were actually the coolest and most effective.

Kia channels The Matrix:

Guinness inspires with an Olympic-themed disappearing ad:

Toyota turns to Terry Crews and the Muppets:

Budweiser tugs at the heart strings:

Squarespace brings the Internet to life:

In other Super Bowl news, Bud Light has bought most of the searches for Super Bowl ads:

And lastly, 61% of Internet users will share Super Bowl ads on social media:

Hit the comments and tell us your favorite herunterladen!

2013 Year in Review

As 2013 winds down, let’s take a look at some of the best viral marketing and content of the year.

First, as you may have noticed, Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy character was everywhere this year, promoting Anchorman 2 herunterladen. The character did everything from auto ads to interviewing Broncos star Peyton Manning. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the Burgundy campaign was effective herunterladen.

Next, Century 21 created a fantastic campaign to sell Walter White’s Albuquerque home in the wake of Breaking Bad’s departure herunterladen. They made a fake Craigslist ad and set up a phone line where a Century representative congratulates the user on their great taste ustream herunterladen.

Finally, Grumpy Cat. That frowny-faced cat is everywhere! What started as a cute internet meme became a lucrative merchandising machine for the cat’s owners, with calendars, t-shirts, and television appearances galore microsoft word kostenlos macen. Who could resist that face?

We hope your 2013 was fantastic and that your 2014 will be even better play for free clash of clans! Happy New Year!

Facebook’s Autoplay Conundrum

Facebook has been making a series of changes to its user experience that all seem to be pointing in one direction: autoplay ads. The move was rumored to be coming in April, but has since been pushed back picturepeople bild herunterladen. It’s looking like it will happen, if it happens at all, in October. This is potentially cause for celebration for advertisers, but for users, it’s cause for annoyance whatsapp profile picture. Animated gifs popping up in your Tumblr feed is one thing, but nobody likes it when a commercial starts playing as soon as you open a page. At best, it’s a minor irritation, and at worst, it’s cause for clicking away from the page windows 7 update manuell herunterladen. That being the case, it will be interesting to see who Facebook aims to please—users, or advertisers.

Speaking as someone with a foot in both camps, I think Facebook would do well to cater to users in this instance libreoffice 5.1 download kostenlos. Pleasing the advertisers is a good goal to have, but the only reason advertisers are so hot to get space on Facebook is its legions of active users. Remember Twitter and its infamous Quickbar wie kann man ein lied von youtube herunterladen? Users hated it, and it was gone in less than a month. Autoplay ads are much more jarring and intrusive, so how will users respond to that? As one exec puts it, autoplay ads are usually used for cheap fishing expeditions, rather than for quality advertising staroffice 9 kostenlos downloaden vollversion. It will be for Facebook to decide what kind of ads they want on their platform.

What do you think? Are autoplay ads worth the user outcry?

Analytics: Vine

You’ve probably already heard about Twitter’s new six-second video service, Vine bux x downloaden. What can you do in a six-second video? It could be something as simple as a cat video, but some brands are already introducing ads. The tool is already growing in popularity; more than 100,000 videos were shared on the service last weekend alone bizagi download kostenlos. But how do you know what’s working?

That’s where Simply Measured comes in. The analytics platform catalogues users and tweets that engage with your video, analyzes them, and then breaks down the data for you herunterladen. It’s a pretty cool tool, and well worth a try. Their free service runs the data overnight when there’s less traffic, but the paid version is done in real time videos von überall herunterladen. Check out this article from Mashable detailing how the service works.

Have you tried Vine yet win 10 spiele kostenlosen? What are you sharing?

There’s Always Room for Jello

Today’s lesson in how to excel at social media is simple: pay attention. Jello’s social team is going to be getting a big pat on the back today because they were watching Twitter, saw @WilliamShatner tweet about Jello, and sent him a package of pudding with promotional materials for their Pudding Drop event (part of their “Fun Things Up” campaign) video von website herunterladen ohne programm. Now in return, Jello gets a free social media boost from Shatner and his legions of followers. One little package of product, one huge advertising boost pdf writer kostenlos herunterladen.

So how do you apply this to your own business? Use your favorite social media monitoring software to track keywords, and pay close attention to your most active users writing scribbals for free. Watch for opportunities to do something nice for them, and then let the product speak for itself. Trust us. It will pay off. Maybe not in Shatnerian levels at first, but your customers will love you for it herunterladen.

Super Bowl Roundup

This weekend we see Madison Avenue’s biggest day of the year: the Super Bowl. In celebration, here’s a quick roundup of some cool stuff centering around the big day spiele kostenlos downloaden tablet.

The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time: Mashable has collected what they think are the top ten halftime ads in Super Bowl history herunterladen. Do you agree? Was one of your favorites left out?

Star Trek into the Super Bowl: Paramount has created a really spectacular transmedia app for its upcoming film, Star Trek into Darkness bts lieder download. The app uses context-aware technology to unlock specific content at specific times, based on what users are watching or listening to. Rewards for using the app include unlocking the teaser trailer for the Super Bowl ad and pre-ordering tickets herunterladen.

Movie Madness: Even if you’re not into football, you’re probably watching for the ads, and even if you’re not into ads, if you’re into movies, you’re watching to see teasers of some of the hottest movies coming out this year, including Iron Man 3 and Oz the Great and Powerful bau simulator 2015 pc for free.

What else are you excited for come game day? Hit the comments and let us know your favorite Super Bowl advertising stories.

Mike and Ike: When Sweet Turns Sour

Fruit-flavored candy “Mike and Ike” is turning to social media to revive its brand. The eponymous pair is splitting up, publically herunterladen. Packages of the candy will have either “Mike” or “Ike” scribbled out, with handwritten messages from the opposite character blaming his partner for the split mortal enginesen. Mike blames Ike for “spending way too much time on his graffiti art,” while Ike claims Mike is “spending way too much time on his music.” Both packages will point purchasers to the candy’s Facebook page picsart gratis downloaden. The page hosts videos with reactions from celebrities like Lamar Odom. The candy’s parent company, Just Born, is hoping that the social-centric campaign will attract a new generation of candy lovers, and they intend to focus on kids ages 13-17, according to the New York Times automatically download and install windows 10 updates.

The campaign will also have traditional tie-ins, such as billboards with fake sign painters painting over one character’s name, as well as television ads geogebra classic 6 herunterladen. In spite of all this advertising, however, neither Mike nor Ike will actually make an appearance. They’ll just be mentioned by the participants in the videos and commercials, although both characters’ voices will appear in writing on packages, Facebook, and Tumblr herunterladen.

What’s your take on this ambitious campaign? Will the manufactured breakup ring true (and enticing) to young candy-buyers, or will it fall flat herunterladen? Tell us in the comments.

Lowe’s Goes to Suburgatory

ABC sitcom “Suburgatory” and home improvement store Lowe’s have teamed up to create a really cute transmedia campaign avg nederlands gratisen. The campaign centers around the show’s image-obsessed character, Sheila Shay, played by Saturday Night Live’s Ana Gasteyer. The character is known for the attention she lavishes on her home and garden (more than you ever put on yours, she’ll have you know), so this matchup makes a lot of sense microsoft powerpoint viewer 2010 kostenlos.

The commercials run during the show, framed as Sheila’s home and gardening tips, filmed by her henpecked husband. The spots push the MyLowe’s tool, which allows users to track purchases, paint colors, and the like, and aids in home organization windows 7 trial for free german. They also push viewers to watch more Sheila Shay-centered content online at and on Twitter, @SheilaShay.

This campaign seems really smooth and clever so far; taking a popular character and giving her more screen time is always a good way to get more eyeballs on an ad herunterladen. It remains to be seen how well the spots actually play, though; will they get lost in the DVR shuffle or will they stand out?

A Love Letter to Social Media: The Muppets

If you want to see someone doing social media right, look at the Muppets franchise. Many entertainment properties have tried and failed to get into the new media world, but the Muppets have always been ahead of the curve wie kann man videos von facebook herunterladen iphone. They have an engaging website, but their real strength lies in their use of social networking itself herunterladen. For example, their Twitter feed is often “taken over” by characters, rather than just constantly flogging their latest DVD release video on the left. Right now Miss Piggy is in charge, and nobody is better at self-promotion than the divine swine herself.

The best part about the Muppets in the new millenium, though, is their use of YouTube jitsi meet download op laptop. Their channel is full of the usual movie promos and commercials, but their original content is where they really shine ps4 update 6.71 cannot be downloaded. Take Beaker’s rendition of “Dust in the Wind.” Muppets Studios actually understand internet culture, right down to the dubious intelligence of YouTube commenters herunterladen.

Beaker\’s Ballad

Of course, sometimes the original content is just plain awesome proefversie visioen. We’ll let this one speak for itself.

Muppet Rhapsody

Ads that move and groove part 2

In my opinion, there needs to be more music and dancing integrated into advertisements on television. GAP had an enthusiastic campaign promoting their line of khakis, jackets and pants in the late 90’s and early millennium free card games. The commercials were filled with different genres of music and dance techniques. Highly appealing and fun to watch. Here are a few more commercials that have incorporated dance, resulting in entertaining and memorable advertisements herunterladen. Enjoy these videos, and notice if you find yourself itching to move around in your seat.


T Mobile – probably the most number of dancers ever used for a commercial herunterladen. makes me wish i was there with my T Mobile phone.

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Gaming has come a long way….

Download airplane games for free

I know that is a very trite headline, but this game seems to be extremely intense and powerful on the media and engagement side of the coin.

I can appreciate games and still relish in the days of the simplistic ms pac man and donkey kong era of the 80s…
But hold the phone folks and get ready for the newest iteration in the Rock Band Series: The Beatles samsung galaxy s5 photos.

This may force me to finally bite the bullet and purchase. What do you all think? IMO hands down one of the best “Game Trailers” I’ve ever seen…..thoughts?? download oder downloaden?

TX – the next frontier for watches?

free and legal music from youtube

Does this timepiece go beyond expectations?

Tell us what you think of this timepiece real player videosen geht nicht mehr?
Would you buy it?
What do you think?
Are you feeling it?
Just interested in learning more about how you guys vibe on this product apple quicktime player kostenlos?

discuss amongst yourselves….we’ll check in every so often….

Annoyance Sells


We all know sex, humor, and fear sells. But what about advertising that is outrageously, painfully annoying? I’m mostly referring to those irritating jingles or catchphrases that stick in your head like superglue on your finger herunterladen. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to get rid of… and no matter how much you want to change the channel you can’t. Only time heals.

The local Sit n’ Sleep commercial is a prime example that has me hypnotized like a kid singing along with a purple dinosaur whole movie for free. “Sit ‘n Sleep will beat anyone’s advertised price, or your mattress is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” shouts CEO Phil Miller. View Sit n' Sleep Commercial on YouTube minecraft mods kostenlos.

Even worse is when you start singing the Pepto Bismol™ jingle and don’t even realize your singing out loud… “Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea!”
pepto bismol

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days like this mp3 for free