Facebook is considering giving a thumbs down to “likes”


Facebook is considering making a significant change to their popular social platform. Beginning today in Australia, the company has begun hiding the number of “likes” appen voor mac.

Instead of seeing “Jane Doe and 20 others” like your post, users in Australia now simply see “Jane Doe and others”. But why the change to the long-standing practice of “counting likes” windows 7 installationsdateien herunterladen?

Facebook is responding to feedback they have received from mental health and well-being experts. The company believes the change will encourage users to interact with posts in more constructive ways gratis browsers downloaden.

Experts believe too many users are focused on the validation they receive from a high number of “likes”. Experts also feel that receiving a relatively low number of “likes” on a particular post can result in feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and even depression in certain Facebook users, according to this article from Observer the CBD oil can help you reducing these symptoms wie kann ich 2 mal die gleiche app herunterladen.

While this may be true, Facebook needs to ask themselves how this change will affect the Facebook platform itself.

For many users, counting the number of “likes” represents validation from their peers kostenlosen mediaplayer herunterladen. A high number can even result in hit of dopamine to the brain which results in pleasure.

Removing the number of “likes” may or may not result in more “constructive interactions” appsen macbook. It may in fact, result in less interactions. By removing the main catalyst for using and interacting with the site, Facebook may find their number of users decrease herunterladen. A number which has been on a steady decline in recent years.

A 2019 study revealed that an estimated 15 million fewer people use Facebook than they did just two years ago excel 2007 for free german. The biggest drop being in the coveted 12-34 age demographic, however the decrease is seen across the board.

This decrease in users can be attributed to Facebook’s social privacy woes and continued breaches of users’ trust, the fact that many consider the site to be overrun by advertisements, and of course the dreaded “fake news” phenomenon herunterladen.

The good news for the company, many of these users are not leaving Facebook completely but instead, flocking to the Facebook owned platform Instagram netto app herunterladen kostenlos. It has become clear that Instagram is the “hip” social media platform of choice for the younger generation of social media users. It is rivaled (just barely) by competitor Snapchat.

The bad news is that they have already begun testing the idea of removing the number of “likes” from Instagram as well in several countries, which has increased the number of people having crisis and anxiety, if you are one of those we recommend you to read this article of Discover about how the CBD can help you reducing the stress caused by this situation.

Facebook may be hoping to inspire more constructive interactions and may have the users’ best interest in mind, but they may be shooting themselves in the proverbial foot – driving users away from the platform, which is already losing users at a record pace.

If they make the same change to Instagram, that platform may no longer be perceived as the “hip” social platform of choice among the younger generations and users may end up flocking to Snapchat or the next innovative social platform to come along.

What are your thoughts? Would making a Facebook and/or Instagram post be as enjoyable of an experience with no “likes” to count?

This writer doesn’t think so. Perhaps Facebook should be more concerned with making changes that protect users’ privacy instead of changing things that actually make using the site a fun, enjoyable experience.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Karen Klein

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about Karen Klein, the NYC school bus driver who was taunted and bullied by a group of four middle school students mazda toolboxen nederlands. The incident was videotaped by another student and included one student telling Klein she didn’t have any family because “they all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near you.” The Huffington Post reports that Klein’s son took his own life 10 years ago in Japanese. The video is at that link but you need a strong stomach.

So where does social media come into all of this? Well, apart from the video going viral on YouTube, the whole situation has gone viral ubuntu 19.10 herunterladen. Someone started an IndieGogo fundraising campaign to make $5,000 to send Karen on vacation—and it’s raised more than $500,000 3d movies.

Karen has been on the Today Show and other programs talking about the outpouring of love and support she’s received in terms of Facebook messages, emails, calls for the bullies to apologize (which they have since done) kan niet download in whatsapp. I’m not sure what she’s going to do with all that money but it’s safe to say that this is a woman whose life has been changed for the better by social media blu ray player herunterladen. So that’s our love letter for this week—Karen Klein’s life will never be the same, thanks to the power of the internet and social media.

Did You Hear a Pinging Noise? Nope, Me Neither.

So Apple has released their own social network. Ping (nope, can’t say that without giggling) herunterladen. Ping, Buzz, Plurk…what noise comes next? Well, if you’ve tried finding anybody USING Ping, pretty much all you’ll hear is crickets.

The site isn’t doing too well so far html viewer download for free. Perhaps it’s because it only recognizes artists who are available on iTunes, and any music-based network that doesn’t recognize the Beatles is inherently problematic rubinrot hörbuch download kostenlos.

Perhaps it’s because people are concerned that Apple’s notorious hankering for control over how people use their products will get in the way of their social interactions herunterladen. Even during the unveiling and demonstration of Ping using Lady Gaga as an example, Apple censored some of her more controversial tweets, especially those in which she expressed support for marriage equality photos iphone.

Or perhaps it’s just because this product and its plain, beta feeling just aren’t what users have come to expect from Apple wie kann man filme aus youtube herunterladen. People are used to sleek design and (usually) impeccable usability. I think that’s the reason Ping is moving slowly at this point…it’s just not as clean and easy to use as people were expecting tik tok herunterladen gratis. Competition from well-established platforms like Pandora and Last.fm is certainly an issue, but even those platforms push users to iTunes to purchase music qtox herunterladen. I don’t think that competition is the problem–Apple just needs to bring Ping up to the level of its other products.

If Ping can tweak a few things and address the control concerns, I think it could be a really cool platform bildschirmtastatur kostenlos herunterladen. If not…well, it’ll be another iTunes feature I don’t use very much like Genius recommendations. But what do you think?

Dont Get Buzz 2… This Time I Might Help!

Buzz has been alive and kicking for a full 2 weeks!  In my last blog I covered what buzz isn’t lied von youtubeen online. Before I could explain what it was I needed to wait for some statistics to come out. Today the statistics came out and I am very proud to say I was right pubg on pc!

Buzz is a very important response to SEO bate and switches that have been haunting Google for years now. SEO companies have been creating page systems that look like content but are really just meaningless data yu gi oh pc kostenlosen. The goal of these systems is to create a complex system that with the help of right SEO for contractors or any other business, pumps a client’s page to the top of Google’s organic search rankings internet browser opera download kostenlos.

Now that you understand the problem that Google is attempting to tackle with buzz lets talk about how it works.

1. The way many of these SEO systems work are through blogs that contain useless information and links download the latest windows 10.

2. Google reader has had a useless disconnected share feature for years. With buzz Google finally did something with it.
(Look at how much sharing Google has actually encouraged through)…

3 hoe kan ik de app storeen. Using the shared reader data Google is able to add one more key matrix to SEO. Buzz allows Google to rank blogs on content.

4. Google is able to pull conversations around posts into its own ecosystem which will further benefit its SEO mac software downloaden.

Finally Google is very aware of a huge change that hitwise highlighted a while back fitness app herunterladen. In December for the first time ever Social Media sent more traffic to websites than searches… check it out

Google should be  worried because this is how they make their money herunterladen. People click on the paid links by the millions and Google gets paid.

Next post: Dont Get Buzz 3… What Buzz means for Business

Don’t Kill My Buzz, Man!

Following up on Mike’s previous post about Google Buzz, I totally get the furor about it. The service definitely needs work, and Google has definitely made a whole lot of big mistakes amazon prime English.

But hey, it’s new. That’s the downside of a service being released by such a huge, publicly visible company. Twitter and Facebook were NOT famous when they were released von youtube herunterladen musik. They weren’t globally famous for years after they were founded. They had plenty of time to make changes, fixes, and tweaks based on quiet user feedback fernbus simulator herunterladen. Google Buzz had the disadvantage of going very public, very quickly. It wasn’t finished. And it got slammed. Now I wonder whether Google will have enough time to fix it and realize its potential before it gets laughed out of existence herunterladen.

I think it would be nice if Buzz went back to beta. Google definitely needs more time to tweak it, and they need a setting to get real constructive criticism instead of media snarking urkunde kostenlos herunterladen. I still think the service has a lot of potential. I like Pete Cashmore’s take on it. If you insist on using an analogy to define Buzz, try this one kalender zum downloaden und bearbeiten. Think of Facebook as the local bar, where you go to hang out with your friends, play some games, and just shoot the breeze. Think of Twitter as the village square where you get all the news and have public conversations herunterladen. It’s a public forum. Then you have Buzz, which SHOULD eventually become a place to focus detailed conversations on IDEAS. Not news, not people, not “what are you doing” or those awesome photos you took on your trip to Cabo this spring, man bundesanzeiger jahresabschluss herunterladen. It’s a platform to talk about content and have major brainstorming sessions about concepts and projects.

If Facebook is the local bar and Twitter is the town square, Google Buzz (I hope) will be the local college campus herunterladen.

I’ve said before that I like Google Wave as a productivity tool–an easy way to keep work projects neat, tidy, and collaborative at the office winrar download chip for free german. I don’t find much utility for connecting with friends about random things. It’s a business thing, and I like it that way. I think Buzz will end up being sort of similar in market, although I hope more concept-oriented and less business-y.

If it lasts that long.

Dont Get Buzz

If you don’t get Google Buzz that’s ok because most people don’t. The network has merit and is important but you have to know what to expect samsung printer driver.

Below is a list of things Google Buzz is not.. (Even though everyone is trying to say it is)

Buzz is not…

If you think you are joining another twitter you might be disappointed.  Twitter is great for engaging on conversations appsen op apple watch. On buzz conversations happen but in a different way. I have read the hundreds of blogs that say Buzz is Twitter+FriendFeed but they are wrong. I understand how the mistake can be made farm games for free. To be honest I made the mistake and I was wrong.  Twitter is about short quick conversations happening at a rapid pace, it is a much different experience than having long engaged posts about content ingdiba app herunterladen.

Buzz is not…

Facebook is a network that is locked down tighter than your grandmas lawn chair herunterladen. Facebook is all about Privacy privacy privacy and more privacy! If you want to be found by only people that know you than this is the network for you dr web download kostenlos. There are almost never any surprises on this network. You have your people that play games, the people that use it to post links only, the people who engage in conversations about how much they like sunglasses tinkercad nederlandsen. Its a network of people who share stuff going on in their lives… that you know!

Buzz is not…

Sorry everyone that would declare buzz and friendfeed the same thing… they are not illegal musik alben downloaden. Buzz may share some elements but it is something different. If you don’t use Google reader often/ don’t share stuff on it than this knock might not make sense kostenlos kaminfeuer video downloaden. Google reader is what sets Google buzz apart. Google buzz has the best RSS integration ever. I can literally see the best of what people are reading in their RSS readers because they share it photo it icloud naar pc. I don’t have to find the links or blogs they are come to me.

Dont get me wrong buzz shares elements with these networks…

Open searches like Twitter

Full comment threads like Facebook

Buzz can even be a hub of Social media like Friendfeed

But to say one is like the other isnt really fair… In time people will figure out that Buzz is different… sadly that will take some time. If I were to point to any social network that buzz would be closest too I’d have to pick…


More on that next time!