Kroeger is teaming with Microsoft to revolutionize the way we shop!

With the rise of Amazon’s Fresh service as well as app services such as Instacart, many consumers prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their home word herunterladen 2013. Microsoft is set to launch new technology in two of Kroeger’s biggest stores in an attempt to bring shoppers back into the store.

The technology promises to personalize the shoppers experience, in the process making the experience much more bearable, while at the same time promising to increase Kroger associates’ productivity win 7 download kostenlos.

Here is how it works. Microsoft has created what they call EDGE (Enhanced Display for Grocery Environment) Shelf digital display system. The new digital display shelf will replace the traditional paper tags that we are used to seeing on the shelves apps für filme herunterladen. The digital display can communicate everything from pricing and promotions to nutritional and dietary information and even video ads.

This “digital price tag” gives Kroeger the ability to instantly change prices or initiate promotions across its stores download online storage. This offers major advantages to Kroeger – the ability to restock immediately and undercut the competition’s pricing on the fly while at the same time saving employees time that would have been spent changing the tags by hand kostenlose wii spiele herunterladen.

The coolest part of this technology is that the shelves communicate with the customer’s smartphones allowing them to quickly fill their custom shopping lists and even saving them time at the check-out lines ikea map.

As a customer goes down the aisle and passes an item on their shopping list, a personal icon of the shopper’s choosing, appears on the digital shelf letting them know to grab the item wo kann ich call of duty modern warfareen. The shopper can then use their smartphone (or a Kroeger supplied handheld device) to scan the item, allowing them to bypass the checkout line. Once they have scanned in the item, the app then lets the shopper know where to go to find the next item on their list saving them even more time kaspersky kostenlosen vollversion chip.

The shelves and app also work together to let the shopper know of any available coupons as they make their choices. It can even assist with a shopper’s dietary concerns wie kann man eine youtube playlisten. For example, if a shopper is gluten-free and is looking for products that do not elicit a weight gain, the app will let the shopper know which products are best to use in their weight loss programs happy birthday bilder kostenlos downloaden.

The technology is absolutely amazing and if all of the parts work together seamlessly, it would absolutely revolutionize the way we shop for groceries – making trips quicker and easier. It also frees up associates to help you with any questions.

But will it work? The technology is as of yet to be tested in a real-world environment. Microsoft and Kroeger plan to test it in two major stores and if successful, promise to expand to other locations and stores. The technology might be confusing to seniors who are used to traditional shopping and even cutting coupons but this is not the market that Microsoft and Kroeger are looking to corner.

As great as this technology is, the same technology can easily be implemented into Amazon’s Fresh service with one major difference, the shopper still doesn’t have to leave their couch to go to the grocery store. This not only is appealing to millennials but also seniors who have trouble getting around. Another concern would be the cost of this technology, will prices rise as a result? If so, that may discourage shoppers.

One thing is for sure, if the technology works practically in the real-world, a trip to the grocery store will be an entirely new and very convenient experience for the shopper.

Be Nice to Your Customers

Sounds easy enough, right? We’re all used to hearing the saying “the customer is always right.” It’s common sense, isn’t it ntv herunterladen?

Apparently not.

It’s old hat at this point to toss around Zappos as an example of a good business model. If you’ve read even one marketing or business magazine in the last few years, you’ve probably heard all about their willingness to embrace social media and their fun, kooky office culture songs from youtube samsung. Which is great. That explains why their employees love it, and therefore why the company reposes such trust in its employees.

But why do the customers love it herunterladen? Well, because of the fact that the business trusts its employees and encourages its call center workers to do things like spend hours on the phone or even p2p text messaging with a customer to make sure his or her question gets answered, or send a thank you note and flowers, or even direct a customer to a rival site if is out of stock on a particular item musik von youtube herunterladen handy. The employees are truly invested in helping the client get what he or she needs and wants, without the usual customer service nastiness and disinterest mozilla download german. A positive experience generates positive buzz. Pure and simple. Any press may be good press because it gets you air time, but positive buzz is the thing that translates into respect and loyalty from both employees and consumers herunterladen. In the current downward-trending climate, every company should be doing whatever it can to hold on to both, which is why we suggest using the services of either or, allowing buѕіnеѕѕеѕ to track requests from customers, lіkе ѕuрроrt іnԛuіrіеѕ оr questions related tо what the buѕіnеѕѕ does and hоw it operates windows 7 pc spiele kostenlos downloaden.

In other words, trust your employees. Respect your consumers. Both will reward you for it.

For more details on Zappos’s business model, check out this Business Week article Legal music download for free.