Marketing in The Age of the Coronavirus

Another View

During this time of uncertainty amid the Coronavirus outbreak, many advertisers are pulling back their marketing efforts and taking a wait and see attitude herunterladen. This makes sense considering so many consumers are self-isolating and saving money and resources, save only for essentials from powerpoint software free. However, there are other ways that brands should consider looking at marketing during the COVID-19 crisis – through social responsibility and brand loyalty lenses word downloaden 365.

Public Service

There have already been some decent Public Service Announcements urging people to practice social distancing (thanks Steph!) as well as messages urging people to stay at home during these uncertain times – Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian purchased a billboard in Times Square with a simple message, “Staying home means saving lives” herunterladen.

However, we should not be waiting for selfless celebrities and billionaires to encourage appropriate behavior that will help to curb the rise in COVID-19 cases with one-off messages bilder vom nokia handy herunterladen.

The greatest creative minds in the marketing and advertising world should be developing impactful, coherent strategic marketing campaigns that encourage the best personal and social behaviors that will help us fight this crisis guardian angel pictures for free. And they should be doing it now, before this crisis gets any worse.

Brand Loyalty

This will not only help serve the greater good, but it will also help build brand loyalty herunterladen. It may sound risky but this may just be the perfect time to show that your brand cares and matters. By doing so you may leave a lasting impression on consumers that can benefit both current and future sales simple image editing program for free.

According to a recent study, 42% of consumers still believe ads can change the world. During times of hardship and uncertainty people want support, reassurance, and entertainment from brands herunterladen.

Brands can create emotional bonds and build trust with consumers that will last far longer than the current pandemic. Their marketing should reflect consumer values and provide supportive, responsible messaging kostenlos herunterladen.

During World War II, Coca-Cola offered a bottle of Coke at just five cents to all service men wherever they are and at whatever cost to the company. This type of supportive messaging stuck with consumers long after the war and Coca-Cola remains the industry leader to this day.

Top of Mind

Those brands that deliver on these messages will see an unprecedented increase in consumer trust and loyalty while brands that cut-back on their marketing in these times may just fade from the consumer consciousness.

An example of this was seen during World War II. Many advertisers were cutting back on spending and marketing efforts during the uncertain time. One of which was industry leader Post Cereals. Kellogg’s seized the opportunity to develop and launch one of their most iconic advertising campaigns – Rice Crispies’ “Snap, Crackle, Pop”. Post gradually faded from the public consciousness and Kellogg’s took over as the industry leader and has remained there ever since.

Take Risks

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and concern, it is time for brands to be bold. Brands should keep in mind that your consumers need you now more than ever. Promote important, responsible social messaging, build an emotional bond with consumers, and stay in their mind at a time when other brands are being seen less and less. It may sound risky now but the long-term benefits may just exceed anything you can imagine at this time.

How I learned about Branding from Hello Kitty


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Whatever she had, it always matched, was insanely cute and I coveted it all.  If the pencil was pink, so was the sharpener, the case and the eraser.  Same logo and color palette throughout and thoughtfully packaged.  Hello Kitty taught me about Branding hafen hamburg simulator 2012 for free.

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HK is one wise little kitty.