Digital & Social Advertising Success During a Pandemic

During any economic downturn the first budget that many companies cut is generally the marketing budget 3d konstruktionsprogramme kostenlos downloaden. However, today’s economic downturn due to COVID-19 is a different animal. Unlike a typical recession, this time consumers are still consuming and interacting with brands herunterladen. While it makes sense for certain retail and travel industries to cut their spending, other companies should consider redoing their marketing strategy so that it makes sense in today’s environment gif bilder herunterladen.

With many more people spending time at home consuming digital media, it makes sense for many advertisers to turn to digital and social advertising to drive sales and build their brands whatsapp herunterladen ohne google. It is especially important with traditional consumers who would normally go out to make their purchases are at home and doing their shopping online. Marketers need to direct their campaign to address the needs of consumers especially addressing their concerns as it relates to COVID-19 simulator pc games for free.

Another important point to note is the metrics used to measure the success of campaigns. Traditionally, conversions have been a key metric that marketers have used to measure the success of their digital and social campaigns herunterladen. In today’s environment marketers’ need to focus more on metrics such as brand awareness and engagement.

People have a lot more time on their hands but they are not necessarily making purchases, they are more or less browsing kostenlose musik zum herunterladen. Campaigns, in turn, need to refocus their direction from selling to educating consumers about what makes your business or product different and valuable jokes to.

Consumers are at home, practicing social distancing, and becoming more and more fearful when bombarded with news of the corona virus. Marketers need to focus on how their products and services can make the consumers’ life better leo kostenlos downloaden. If marketers are able to do this, the consumers will remember them long after the current pandemic has ended and they will be there to support those companies when they have the means to do so klöppelbriefe kostenlos herunterladen.

In today’s climate, it is important to be helpful to consumers. It may not be necessary for companies to cut their marketing efforts but to simply adjust the messaging and the goals of their campaigns. Online conversions may have dropped, but reach and engagement has increased with many users commenting, sharing, and reacting to social advertising.

This is the perfect environment for marketers to build brand awareness by showing how their products and services can help consumers during this trying time. Adjusting messaging now may not lead to conversions immediately but it can leave a lasting impression that will lead to conversions down the road.

Facebook is considering giving a thumbs down to “likes”


Facebook is considering making a significant change to their popular social platform. Beginning today in Australia, the company has begun hiding the number of “likes” appen voor mac.

Instead of seeing “Jane Doe and 20 others” like your post, users in Australia now simply see “Jane Doe and others”. But why the change to the long-standing practice of “counting likes” windows 7 installationsdateien herunterladen?

Facebook is responding to feedback they have received from mental health and well-being experts. The company believes the change will encourage users to interact with posts in more constructive ways gratis browsers downloaden.

Experts believe too many users are focused on the validation they receive from a high number of “likes”. Experts also feel that receiving a relatively low number of “likes” on a particular post can result in feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and even depression in certain Facebook users, according to this article from Observer the CBD oil can help you reducing these symptoms wie kann ich 2 mal die gleiche app herunterladen.

While this may be true, Facebook needs to ask themselves how this change will affect the Facebook platform itself.

For many users, counting the number of “likes” represents validation from their peers kostenlosen mediaplayer herunterladen. A high number can even result in hit of dopamine to the brain which results in pleasure.

Removing the number of “likes” may or may not result in more “constructive interactions” appsen macbook. It may in fact, result in less interactions. By removing the main catalyst for using and interacting with the site, Facebook may find their number of users decrease herunterladen. A number which has been on a steady decline in recent years.

A 2019 study revealed that an estimated 15 million fewer people use Facebook than they did just two years ago excel 2007 for free german. The biggest drop being in the coveted 12-34 age demographic, however the decrease is seen across the board.

This decrease in users can be attributed to Facebook’s social privacy woes and continued breaches of users’ trust, the fact that many consider the site to be overrun by advertisements, and of course the dreaded “fake news” phenomenon herunterladen.

The good news for the company, many of these users are not leaving Facebook completely but instead, flocking to the Facebook owned platform Instagram netto app herunterladen kostenlos. It has become clear that Instagram is the “hip” social media platform of choice for the younger generation of social media users. It is rivaled (just barely) by competitor Snapchat.

The bad news is that they have already begun testing the idea of removing the number of “likes” from Instagram as well in several countries, which has increased the number of people having crisis and anxiety, if you are one of those we recommend you to read this article of Discover about how the CBD can help you reducing the stress caused by this situation.

Facebook may be hoping to inspire more constructive interactions and may have the users’ best interest in mind, but they may be shooting themselves in the proverbial foot – driving users away from the platform, which is already losing users at a record pace.

If they make the same change to Instagram, that platform may no longer be perceived as the “hip” social platform of choice among the younger generations and users may end up flocking to Snapchat or the next innovative social platform to come along.

What are your thoughts? Would making a Facebook and/or Instagram post be as enjoyable of an experience with no “likes” to count?

This writer doesn’t think so. Perhaps Facebook should be more concerned with making changes that protect users’ privacy instead of changing things that actually make using the site a fun, enjoyable experience.

The Power of User Generated Content

In today’s digital age it has become increasingly more important for small business to embrace and utilize UGC – User Generated Content to its fullest extent whatsapp duo herunterladen. User Generated Content is content created about a brand by unpaid contributors (or simply, fans) such as posts, pictures, videos, blog posts, tweets, or comments on social media channels skype for laptop. It differs from traditional ads and promotions in one key way. It is created by real life customers based on actual experiences with the brand. UGC demonstrates how people can use and interact with your products in their everyday lives minecraft download kostenlos pc.

Ad campaigns can list features and benefits of using a particular product but they do not create meaningful connections with the consumer. The easiest and most successful way to create these connections is to utilize UGC – have the users promote your brand for you yugioh devpro herunterladen. 82% of consumers say that UGC is extremely valuable in their purchasing decisions. 48% of consumers say that it is a great way to discover new brands and a whopping 92% trust recommendations from people that they do not know over brand content herunterladen.

Those statistics are significant. People respond to UGC campaigns for several reasons. One big reason is that it puts the customer front and center apps downloaden iphone x. Consumers love to share their experience and build a connection with like-minded people. Customers also trust the authenticity of UGC, which isn’t easy to come by these days, considering the profusion of brands on the internet today download everything that matters. Customer trust is always garnered by promulgating the adage ‘selling is service’, and constantly implementing the points stated on usenext herunterladen legal. In today’s online world people are skeptical of marketers and are not passively led by commercials and billboards like they once were. They want a say in who and where they purchase from and choose brands that connect with them on a human level – companies that understand them kostenlos.

Specifically, Millenials react strongly to UGC. In fact, 84% of Millenials claim that user generated content on a business’ website influence their decision to purchase filme von rtl now herunterladen. This is important because Millenials are also the biggest online shoppers spending about $2,000 each year online.

One of the biggest benefits of UGC is that it is quick and keeps up with current trends. You will not have to spend lots of time and money developing an advertising campaign that may be irrelevant by the time it airs. Instead you can embrace and rely on your users to stay in touch and on the top of the minds of your audience.

The power of utilizing UGC is apparent and we will continue to see more of it as customers continue to reject traditional advertising and marketing tactics and crave authenticity.

Get on the Game of Thrones Bandwagon

It’s been a long, cold winter, but Game of Thrones is finally back. We’ve blogged before about how great their use of social media has been, but now let’s take a look at how other people react to the show’s momentum adobe shockwave player for free german. For one thing, Sunday’s season premiere crashed HBOGo, which left users feeling extremely unhappy. Take a look at Mashable for some of the funnier reactions netflix filmeen windows 8. Our favorite is “Winter is…loading?” from Twitter user @marissachristy. HBOGo had similar problems in March with the season finale of True Detective, and they promised more support for the app, but to no avail film downloaden op iphone 6.

Meanwhile, those who did get to watch the episode loved it, including other brands looking to capitalize on the show’s trending status herunterladen. The tweets range from hilarious (Arrested Development) to ridiculous (Mentos), but they’re all interesting from a social media perspective ps3 spiele herunterladen kostenlos. The main question to ask yourself when trying to jump on another brand’s bandwagon is this: is it going to make users smile, or is it going to make them groan apple mail downloaden? Click here to see who was successful and who wasn’t.

Finally, if you didn’t see the episode, or just want to relive it, here it is recapped in .gif format, perfect for Tumblr function youtube. But beware…spoilers abound.

Social Media Roundup: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This past week had the usual run of viral videos featuring Beyonce and clever cats, but there was some interesting news as well. We’ll cover both the newsworthy and the purely viral in this week’s social media roundup spiel spiele zum herunterladen!

YouTube may be looking into creating a kids-only site, says Mashable herunterladen. The site already has safety features to protect younger viewers, but they’re not 100% foolproof. A kids-only site could be just what parents need, given the, er, adult popularity of some children’s shows, such as “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” It won’t erase the need for careful monitoring and safety features, but it’s a good start, if it comes to pass herunterladen.

A very informative study done by Fox, Twitter, and the Advertising Research Foundation shed some light on the dynamics between Twitter and television consumption herunterladen. Click over to Mashable to get the full details, but the long and short of it is that there is, in fact, a direct link between a show’s activity on Twitter and viewers’ actions, although not in the way you might expect windows designs herunterladen. The study reveals that the most influential proponents a show can have are the on-air talent, whether it be an actor or a host of a reality show. That being said, the more active a show’s brand is on Twitter, the more likely viewers are to make an effort to watch the show, and the more likely they are to take action on advertisements, especially if they are closely tied into the show’s activities herunterladen.

On the viral side of things, frequent flier Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Kevin Bacon to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bacon’s dance classic, Footloose gg. Fallon announced that NBC had made dancing on “The Tonight Show” illegal, and that did not sit well with Bacon. What follows is a brilliantly choreographed homage to Footloose, proving that Bacon (and his dance double) has still got it skype kostenlos downloaden deutsch windows vista. Click here to see the full video, and prepare for some serious 1980’s nostalgia anno 1701 download vollversion kostenlos.

Finally, just because we’re so excited for the return of “Game of Thrones” and because we like their social media efforts so much, check out some of the awesome fan art being sold on Etsy herunterladen. The dragon egg necklace in particular is really hard to resist.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Denny’s

We’ve focused before on brands doing well on Tumblr, but the last brand we expected to find rocking the social media world was diner chain Denny’s photo editor. When you think of Denny’s, you probably think of white ceramic coffee mugs, Formica tables, and red vinyl booths–decidedly not hip. Nevertheless, thanks to a young, up-and-coming marketer from Gotham Inc., Denny’s is taking Tumblr by storm fack ju göhte download.

Denny’s already had an effective presence on Facebook and YouTube, being named one of the most responsive brands on Facebook, but to break into Tumblr, Gotham Inc., a New York-based firm, hired twenty-something Amber Gordon to take over Denny’s social media strategy kostenlos computerspiele downloaden vollversion. And the move paid off. Gordon’s take on social media, especially where Tumblr is concerned, is to be as authentic as possible. “I was hired to use the social networks as I would my own vlc player android deutsch kostenlos. That’s our strategy, having that diner feel. You’re just happy to be there. We’re trying to show that we’re the same thing, but on social downloaden netflix op ipad. It’s not supposed to be advertising in your face,” Gordon told the Daily Dot herunterladen.
By combining strategically placed .gifs with humorous content, Gordon has created a huge Tumblr following, with users even “shipping” an anthropomorphized Denny’s with another restaurant chain spotify lieder herunterladen geht nicht. What we can learn from Denny’s Tumblr triumphs is that the best strategy for social media is to cut back on strategy and punch up on authenticity. Be current romme downloaden. Be funny. Be real.

Muppets and McDonalds and Netflix, Oh My!

There have been some surprising developments on the Internet in the last week, from Muppet selfies to what some are calling the end of Net Neutrality herunterladen. Let’s take a look.

We’ve blogged before about the Muppets and their awesome use of social media, but they’re taking things to another level by joining Instagram, the popular photo-sharing (and enhancing) network herunterladen. In the run-up to their next film, coming out in March, they’re even having the evil Moopets take a selfie or two. What makes the Muppets’ social media efforts so charming is a combination of skill and savvy, along with the cuteness and wit that comes with any Muppet production herunterladen. The takeaway here is to find what makes your business or product special, and then use social media to showcase that.

In other social media news, McDonalds has joined SnapChat herunterladen. The fast food giant is using the infamous photo and video-sharing site to generate excitement for their soon-to-be-announced new sandwich, with the help of Lebron James brigitte. The move seems to be working, as the account has garnered thousands of fans in just a few days. The reason the account has taken off is partly due to James’s star power, but also because McDonalds is creating a sense of mystery and excitement by teasing tidbits of information leading up to the product launch steuer app herunterladen.

Finally, you’ve probably heard about Comcast’s deal with Netflix, which many have called the end of Net Neutrality as we know it musik streamen oderen. Mashable has a great piece detailing what the move actually means, and it’s not what you might think ritter spiele pc kostenlosen.

What other social media news blew you away this week? Hit the comments to let us know.

Starting the New Year Off Right

It has not been a good week for Google+, with nasty articles in both Mashable and ReadWriteWeb youtube videosen ist das legal. Both sites are critical of Google’s increasing insistence on integrating the social network with its other services, such as YouTube comments. Criticisms include the lack of organic discussion and the fact that users can now email anyone with a Google+ account herunterladen. The less control users have, the unhappier they become. This may account for why user numbers have grown, but engagement has not.

On a totally different note, Mashable was very complimentary about Google’s analytics advances in the last year, including demographics data and Google Tag Manager windows 10 gratis downloaden nederlands. Click the link for things we’d like to see in 2014.

And on an even MORE different note, during Sunday night’s Golden Globes broadcast, the Muppets launched what may be our favorite ad campaign of 2014 so far: a mock-Twitter fight deploring the lack of nominations for the Muppets app um musik kostenlos downloaden. Check the link for video.

2013 Year in Review

As 2013 winds down, let’s take a look at some of the best viral marketing and content of the year.

First, as you may have noticed, Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy character was everywhere this year, promoting Anchorman 2 herunterladen. The character did everything from auto ads to interviewing Broncos star Peyton Manning. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the Burgundy campaign was effective herunterladen.

Next, Century 21 created a fantastic campaign to sell Walter White’s Albuquerque home in the wake of Breaking Bad’s departure herunterladen. They made a fake Craigslist ad and set up a phone line where a Century representative congratulates the user on their great taste ustream herunterladen.

Finally, Grumpy Cat. That frowny-faced cat is everywhere! What started as a cute internet meme became a lucrative merchandising machine for the cat’s owners, with calendars, t-shirts, and television appearances galore microsoft word kostenlos macen. Who could resist that face?

We hope your 2013 was fantastic and that your 2014 will be even better play for free clash of clans! Happy New Year!

Diane in 7A

Thanksgiving, historically one of the worst travel days of the year, got a little more interesting this year. A man named Elan Gale live-tweeted his interactions with the obnoxious woman a couple seats over kostenlos videos downloaden youtube. As The Daily Dot reports, “Gale tweeted his passed “notes” with a fellow passenger on his plane, after a flight delay caused her to complain.” While Gale tweeted pictures of his notes to the mysterious “Diane,”

speculation has arisen that she may not actually be real, or that she may BE real and suffering from cancer wetransfer downloaden op computer. Either way, Gale, a producer on The Bachelor, comes off looking a bit…nasty. In any case, the story took off, perhaps relating to the “angry customer” narrative so popular on Black Friday download the sims for free for handy. As one tweeter, @benschwartzy, put it, “Somehow the guy who produces “The Bachelor” managed to turn an emotionally distressed woman into entertainment spotify gesamte bibliotheken. #GoFigure

Whether or not Diane is real, this story is an interesting snapshot of what it takes to make something go viral herunterladen. In Gale’s case, all it took was some clever staging, an engaging narrative, and a slow news day.

How Game of Thrones is Killing It (Literally)

We’ve posted before about how well Game of Thrones is doing on social media, but here are some hard numbers. The show’s most recent (and bloodiest) episode, “The Rains of Castamere,” was its most popular episode ever, garnering 367,000 mentions on Twitter herunterladen. This number crushed the show’s previous record of 277,000. It’s safe to say that the show is getting a lot of attention.

The episode centered around the fabled “Red Wedding,” an event fans of the books have been waiting for for years jw library herunterladen. The reactions to the event range from shock to outrage, and they’ve been collected in a hilarious Twitter account, @RedWeddingTears. Mashable also did a collection of the twenty funniest reactions, which you can find here amazon prime video kaufen und herunterladen.

At this point, HBO has reached every social marketer’s dream: the community is running itself. That’s not to say that there is no need for curation; rather, people are so passionate about the show and the books that they would be talking about it whether HBO maintained a social media presence or not dvbviewer pro. Therefore the network is doing the smart thing by jumping in and providing some direction for the conversations, and they’re being amply rewarded.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Game of Thrones Part II

We’ve already written a love letter to HBO ’s social media for Game of Thrones foto's google plus downloaden. The third season of the fantasy smash just started, and the folks behind the show’s Twitter feed are kicking it off with a bang rekordbox software downloaden. They always tweet and retweet relevant content about the Game of Thrones universe, but this past week, they’ve been encouraging social media activity by running a sweepstakes at, where a certain number of tweets with the #GameofThrones hashtag unlocks prizes, ranging from a promotional sigil box to a trip to Belfast spider solitaire kostenlos spielen ohne download. The effort was so successful that the top prizes were unlocked in a matter of hours.

So why was this campaign so successful? It’s a pretty simple equation: quality content + enticing incentives = motivated fans how can I download youtube movies. First, make something your users will actually care about. Second, give them a reason to talk about it (a positive one, please). Then step back and watch the fireworks nextcloud android download failed. Given a good reason, fans will take over the brunt of the conversation themselves and all you have to do is moderate.

CompaniesLocations & natural formationsWebsites


The third season of the fantasy smash just started, and the folks behind the show’s Twitter feed are kicking it off with a bang herunterladen. They always tweet and retweet relevant content about the Game of Thrones universe, but this past week, they’ve been encouraging social media activity by running a sweepstakes at, where a certain number of tweets with the #GameofThrones hashtag unlocks prizes, ranging from a promotional sigil box to a trip to Belfast herunterladen.

It’s a pretty simple equation: quality content + enticing incentives = motivated fans.


Mike and Ike: When Sweet Turns Sour

Fruit-flavored candy “Mike and Ike” is turning to social media to revive its brand. The eponymous pair is splitting up, publically herunterladen. Packages of the candy will have either “Mike” or “Ike” scribbled out, with handwritten messages from the opposite character blaming his partner for the split mortal enginesen. Mike blames Ike for “spending way too much time on his graffiti art,” while Ike claims Mike is “spending way too much time on his music.” Both packages will point purchasers to the candy’s Facebook page picsart gratis downloaden. The page hosts videos with reactions from celebrities like Lamar Odom. The candy’s parent company, Just Born, is hoping that the social-centric campaign will attract a new generation of candy lovers, and they intend to focus on kids ages 13-17, according to the New York Times automatically download and install windows 10 updates.

The campaign will also have traditional tie-ins, such as billboards with fake sign painters painting over one character’s name, as well as television ads geogebra classic 6 herunterladen. In spite of all this advertising, however, neither Mike nor Ike will actually make an appearance. They’ll just be mentioned by the participants in the videos and commercials, although both characters’ voices will appear in writing on packages, Facebook, and Tumblr herunterladen.

What’s your take on this ambitious campaign? Will the manufactured breakup ring true (and enticing) to young candy-buyers, or will it fall flat herunterladen? Tell us in the comments.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Threadless

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of ultra-popular t-shirt site Threadless, the site that crowdsources its designs (and pays its artists real money) groupon voucher. What you haven’t heard is that their social media presence is pretty much perfect. Here’s a short list of what they’re doing and why it works.

—Twitter: The Threadless Twitter account is a one-stop-shop google chrome op laptop. It promotes new designs, design competitions, new products, and general information like convention appearances.

—Facebook: Threadless has an app where you can shop both new and reprinted designs from within the app piktogramme herunterladen. In addition, they also have a very busy page where they post content that doesn’t appear on Twitter herunterladen.

—Tumblr: The clothing company’s Tumblr is where they showcase the art. They show off new designs, and lately they’ve been creating animated gifs of popular designs herunterladen.

—Contests: This is where Threadless really shines, and really puts the social in social media. In addition to their usual process of submitting designs for fan votes, they also hold competitions around specific subjects herunterladen. For instance, right now there is a Toy Story Challenge going on, where artists can submit designs featuring the beloved Pixar film herunterladen. These contests yield more than just fantastic art—they yield limitless customer engagement.

Threadless is, by definition, a social company, but their social media presence is really top notch herunterladen. This is definitely a company to follow.

Doing Tumblr Right: Doctor Who

A lot of people wonder about Tumblr for marketing, and we’ve done a few posts about how to do that Download Christmas backgrounds for free. Now here’s a really excellent example of a company using Tumblr to harness a community: the BBC’s Doctor Who. The long-running British TV series is insanely beloved across the pond, and it’s getting more and more popular here in the States (and around the world) herunterladen. The BBC’s US arm, BBC America, is running a fantastic Tumblr, harnessing the power of an already rabid fanbase and turning it to their own advantage alle fotos icloud herunterladen.

What makes the Doctor Who Tumblr so great? Here’s a list:

–You can tell it’s run by fans. They truly love the show as much as their followers do, and that’s saying something youtube videos download online for free legal.

–They keep their posts coming. The content is always fresh.

–They keep it varied herunterladen ganzer film erfahrungen. From official news posts to popular scenes from the show to behind the scenes footage, and even fan art, there’s always something interesting and exciting to see super mario spielen kostenlos.

–They make it interactive. They hold contests, ask for stories, and really listen to fan input. There’s no better way to devise a marketing strategy than to listen to your customers 2 stunden video von youtube downloaden.

BBC America clearly understands Tumblr. Their community managers speak the language (and the language is animated gifs and fan squeals) sims 3 herunterladen ohne cd. The best way to learn about a medium is to immerse yourself in it, and the Doctor Who team has mastered just that.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Glitch

One thing we love here at Nostrum is people making amazing online games. If you’re reading this, you know we’re into transmedia storytelling, so whenever we find a game doing that well, we have to shout about it dropbox download deutsch kostenlos. And Glitch not only excels at that, but also at social media and community. Glitch’s mechanics are based around the players’ interactions with the game onedrive album herunterladen. Users get to expand the world by working together on group projects, and they get to vote on how they want the world to change. If that isn’t textbook crowdsourcing, I don’t know what is Download and cut youtube video.

Glitch also rocks at more traditional social media html5 herunterladen. Their blog is super-transparent. The parent company, TinySpeck, sings the praises of every new designer and developer they hire, and they update their users with the changes made every single release word 2016 gratis downloaden nederlands. They provide even more detailed updates on their secondary Twitter account, @glitchlog, where they announce every single player-facing change they make birthday video for free download. Of course they also have their main Twitter account, @playglitch, which they use for talking to players and sharing behind the scenes peeks into life at TinySpeck emergency 4 mods for free. In short, Glitch is so seamlessly integrated with social media and community, you hardly even have to think about it at all. They just breathe it.

A Love Letter to Social Media: The Muppets

If you want to see someone doing social media right, look at the Muppets franchise. Many entertainment properties have tried and failed to get into the new media world, but the Muppets have always been ahead of the curve wie kann man videos von facebook herunterladen iphone. They have an engaging website, but their real strength lies in their use of social networking itself herunterladen. For example, their Twitter feed is often “taken over” by characters, rather than just constantly flogging their latest DVD release video on the left. Right now Miss Piggy is in charge, and nobody is better at self-promotion than the divine swine herself.

The best part about the Muppets in the new millenium, though, is their use of YouTube jitsi meet download op laptop. Their channel is full of the usual movie promos and commercials, but their original content is where they really shine ps4 update 6.71 cannot be downloaded. Take Beaker’s rendition of “Dust in the Wind.” Muppets Studios actually understand internet culture, right down to the dubious intelligence of YouTube commenters herunterladen.

Beaker\’s Ballad

Of course, sometimes the original content is just plain awesome proefversie visioen. We’ll let this one speak for itself.

Muppet Rhapsody

A Love Letter to Social Media: SproutRobot

The next installment in our series of companies who are doing it right is green startup SproutRobot. This company is amazing wo kann man valorant downloaden. You give them your zip code, and they tell you what kinds of fruits and veggies to plant, when, and how. They even give you cute little diagrams to show you how to sprout and care for every type of plant follow netflix follow macbook download!

The really smart thing, though, is that for a very small fee, SproutRobot will send you the right seeds for your garden (or balcony) size, at the right time, with the instructions for idiot-proof planting herunterladen. How could we say no to home-grown produce that we can grow on the patio?

In addition to a great business model, SproutRobot has their social media bases covered where to download drivers. Catch them on Twitter, Facebook, and even Tumblr microsoft security essentials deutsch kostenlos 64 bit windows 7.

A Love Letter to Social Media: ModCloth

A lot of companies are confused about how to use social media for their markets. Understandable—a lot of stuff in this area is untried steuerformulare 2019 zum herunterladen. But every so often, we find a company that just ‘gets it.’ Vintage-inspired online clothing retailer is one of those youtube video downloaden seite. They get it. Their social media strategy is fabulous. Not only do they have an awesome range of products, they let their customers and fans into just about every facet of the business herunterladen. Users get to vote on new products with the Be the Buyer program. They show us what it’s like to work at ModCloth, AND they show off their products at the same time herunterladen! They have not one, but FOUR Twitter feeds: @ModCloth, @ModCloth1stLook, @ModClothCareers, and @ModClothPRBuzz herunterladen.

But the most important thing that ModCloth does? They take GOOD care of their customers. Every tweet gushing about a product or about their customer service gets a polite, friendly thank you wie kann man filme in netflix herunterladen. Every Monday and Thursday they run fun games with great perks. Every complaint gets addressed (relatively) quickly. Case in point: a while back, our community manager was looking for a dress for an event and lamenting that she couldn’t find anything cute in her size minecraft zum kostenlos herunterladen. ModCloth was following her on Twitter, saw her tweet (it wasn’t even directed at them) and linked her to their “extended sizes” section. You can bet she bought a dress right away drachenzähmen leicht gemacht 3 herunterladen.

And there you have it. The key to successful social media use isn’t frequent tweeting or racking up a lot of Facebook fans—it’s impeccable customer service spiele für pc kostenlos downloaden windows 7. The medium has changed, but the need remains the same. Take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you.

Audience Segmentation and Digital Marketing

Audience segmentation. It’s part of the marketing lexicon and a process every marketing pro knows. But how is it different today than it was, say, 10 years ago herunterladen? Well, for one, the proliferation of digital and social media throughout the world has given rise to a whole new audience that we must consider: emerging markets herunterladen. Latin America, Russia, India, and China are in the process of rapid growth and industrialization, meaning they are ripe for the marketing picking. Their exposure to a variety of new, digital and social media means marketers will need to redirect energy and money to account for this new normal icloud to pc.

But, like all heterogeneous groups, the citizens in these regions respond differently to various forms of media and marketing snapchat on pc. One difference we see in Internet behavior between emerging and developed markets is that it’s generally much easier to engage with consumers in emerging markets sport musik herunterladen. As far as digital marketing tactics go, there are a few key takeaways from this article cd burner herunterladen.

Search ads, video ads, animated banner ads, map ads, embedded video ads, widgets, and gadgets carry far more appeal with audiences in emerging markets apps downloaden op pc. Those same outlets turn off consumers in developed nations, who are much more likely to talk about and engage with brands found from search ads and map ads lustige tiervideos zum herunterladen. Which ads really rankle consumers in both markets? Pop-ups and floating ads. Fifty-one percent of respondents in mature markets and 13% of respondents in emerging markets dislike the former, while forty-three percent of consumers from mature markets and 10% of consumers from emerging markets just say no to floating ads kostenlose suchspiele herunterladen.

So when it comes time to draw your own marketing plan—whether it’s domestic or abroad, just remember that one size does NOT fit all herunterladen. A fair amount of research that considers consumer preferences in marketing mediums goes a long way in ultimately helping to develop a marketing strategy with the greatest possible chance of success.

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