Augmented Reality – The Future of Advertising?


Media is constantly changing, adapting, and shifting. Think about it. Television has evolved into digital streaming. Radio has become podcasts. These shifts in the way we consume media ultimately dictate shifts in the way we marketers advertise our products download the races for free in full version. Gone are the days of billboards and newspaper print ads. Technology has dictated a major change in advertising. Programmatic advertising has become the norm. What is the next major shift in advertising? Many believe it is Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality, or simply AR, has been as buzzword in the industry for several years now alle fotos aus der cloud herunterladen. It became all the rage in gaming with the advent of Pokémon GO and it has now expanded far beyond the world of gaming into marketing and advertising efforts.


The AR medium is almost boundless however there are still several unique challenges. The purpose of advertising is to provide contextual information 4k filme downloaden. But delivering all of the “must have” reasons to purchase a product within the confines of a :30 second spot or within a few lines of copy is a challenge that has been facing advertisers since the first newspaper advertisement ran back in the day.


AR is the perfect solution. In the digital age many consumers are faced with information overload. This makes retaining information provided in short advertisements very challenging adobe schrift herunterladen. Augmented reality provides a medium which delivers information in easily understandable (and often fun) formats that allow for high recall. AR can provide large amounts of information into small snippets that are easy to see visually and consequently easy to understand. For example, you can point your phone towards a store or restaurant and instantly get reviews or product information.


Recently advertisers have developed campaigns using AR that “places” the user into the experience creating engagement downloaden van ebook. For example, to promote The Walking Dead’s new season, bus stop shelters were taken over showing images of zombies attacking. This provided the user with an immersive experience that provided a digital experience in a real-world environment. This engaging experience results in the user paying close attention, getting “hooked”, and retaining the info in the advertisement.


The excitement of this engaging experience is so high that users want to experience it again wie kann ich youtube liederen. Another great example is Burger King. Using the Burger King app, users were encouraged to point their phone at McDonald’s advertisements and “burn them”. After the competitor’s ad was “burned” a coupon for a Whopper was revealed underneath. This allowed Burger King to piggy-back onto the budget of their main competitor and use their own ads against them, so to speak labyrinth.


There really are no limits as far as creativity is concerned. The limits to AR are found in the technology. At this point an AR campaign such as the Burger King example is limited to a mobile application. The user must first download the Burger King app to participate in the campaign. Getting users to take the step of downloading the app beforehand is a challenge in itself and would require its own marketing pc spiele seite zum downloaden.


Another challenge is the limitations of the users’ hardware. Obviously, users want an AR experience with the most breathtaking graphics and features, so advertisers are inclined to design as such. Unfortunately, this requires the user to have the most up-to-date hardware (phone) and operating systems.


The development process is another significant challenge in AR advertising vavoo gratisen. To create a visually stunning and engaging AR experience, special software and extensive coding is often required. This process can eat up a large portion of your budget in itself. Luckily platforms such as Facebook have already started building AR features into their ad platforms. Facebook’s Spark AR engine allows users to incorporate AR effects into their campaigns through their demo targeting platform node.dll. Users can “try on” sunglasses or makeup up by using AR to superimpose the products onto their photos.


All of the elements are there for Augmented Reality to become the next big thing in advertising with the main issue being that we are not all in the same shared digital space throughout the day and we are limited by our hardware. Once the infrastructure catches up, AR advertising might just replace digital out of home ads and television spots completely.


Social Media Roundup: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This past week had the usual run of viral videos featuring Beyonce and clever cats, but there was some interesting news as well. We’ll cover both the newsworthy and the purely viral in this week’s social media roundup spiel spiele zum herunterladen!

YouTube may be looking into creating a kids-only site, says Mashable herunterladen. The site already has safety features to protect younger viewers, but they’re not 100% foolproof. A kids-only site could be just what parents need, given the, er, adult popularity of some children’s shows, such as “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” It won’t erase the need for careful monitoring and safety features, but it’s a good start, if it comes to pass herunterladen.

A very informative study done by Fox, Twitter, and the Advertising Research Foundation shed some light on the dynamics between Twitter and television consumption herunterladen. Click over to Mashable to get the full details, but the long and short of it is that there is, in fact, a direct link between a show’s activity on Twitter and viewers’ actions, although not in the way you might expect windows designs herunterladen. The study reveals that the most influential proponents a show can have are the on-air talent, whether it be an actor or a host of a reality show. That being said, the more active a show’s brand is on Twitter, the more likely viewers are to make an effort to watch the show, and the more likely they are to take action on advertisements, especially if they are closely tied into the show’s activities herunterladen.

On the viral side of things, frequent flier Jimmy Fallon teamed up with Kevin Bacon to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Bacon’s dance classic, Footloose gg. Fallon announced that NBC had made dancing on “The Tonight Show” illegal, and that did not sit well with Bacon. What follows is a brilliantly choreographed homage to Footloose, proving that Bacon (and his dance double) has still got it skype kostenlos downloaden deutsch windows vista. Click here to see the full video, and prepare for some serious 1980’s nostalgia anno 1701 download vollversion kostenlos.

Finally, just because we’re so excited for the return of “Game of Thrones” and because we like their social media efforts so much, check out some of the awesome fan art being sold on Etsy herunterladen. The dragon egg necklace in particular is really hard to resist.

Starting the New Year Off Right

It has not been a good week for Google+, with nasty articles in both Mashable and ReadWriteWeb youtube videosen ist das legal. Both sites are critical of Google’s increasing insistence on integrating the social network with its other services, such as YouTube comments. Criticisms include the lack of organic discussion and the fact that users can now email anyone with a Google+ account herunterladen. The less control users have, the unhappier they become. This may account for why user numbers have grown, but engagement has not.

On a totally different note, Mashable was very complimentary about Google’s analytics advances in the last year, including demographics data and Google Tag Manager windows 10 gratis downloaden nederlands. Click the link for things we’d like to see in 2014.

And on an even MORE different note, during Sunday night’s Golden Globes broadcast, the Muppets launched what may be our favorite ad campaign of 2014 so far: a mock-Twitter fight deploring the lack of nominations for the Muppets app um musik kostenlos downloaden. Check the link for video.

2013 Year in Review

As 2013 winds down, let’s take a look at some of the best viral marketing and content of the year.

First, as you may have noticed, Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy character was everywhere this year, promoting Anchorman 2 herunterladen. The character did everything from auto ads to interviewing Broncos star Peyton Manning. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that the Burgundy campaign was effective herunterladen.

Next, Century 21 created a fantastic campaign to sell Walter White’s Albuquerque home in the wake of Breaking Bad’s departure herunterladen. They made a fake Craigslist ad and set up a phone line where a Century representative congratulates the user on their great taste ustream herunterladen.

Finally, Grumpy Cat. That frowny-faced cat is everywhere! What started as a cute internet meme became a lucrative merchandising machine for the cat’s owners, with calendars, t-shirts, and television appearances galore microsoft word kostenlos macen. Who could resist that face?

We hope your 2013 was fantastic and that your 2014 will be even better play for free clash of clans! Happy New Year!

Bose and Arrow

TV network the CW has partnered with sound company Bose to produce a web series surrounding its hit show Arrow, which follows the adventures of popular DC Comics hero the Green Arrow pc spiele online kaufen und herunterladen. The minisodes center around two of his sidekicks, Felicity Smoak and Roy Harper, played by Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes, respectively. The product placement for Bose is pretty heavy-handed, but that’s to be expected, and the episodes do a good job of promoting both Arrow and some of Bose’s newer products, which are aimed at a younger crowd than they have gone after in the past kostenlose spiele auf pc herunterladen.

This kind of transmedia advertising is really effective because it wraps the ads up in a story fans are already interested in, which is a great way to leverage existing viewers download music at napster. But that’s not all the partnership is doing; Bose and the CW are also running a sweepstakes offering a trip to Vancouver to visit the Arrow set deutsche märchen herunterladen. By combining an engaging story with a call to action like this, both partners can get a lot of eyeballs on their products, as well as collecting a lot of email addresses for future marketing efforts, which is the beauty of transmedia herunterladen.

What other digital partnerships have you seen that caught your eye?

Sesame Street Meets Google Earth

We’ve written before about how well the Muppets franchise does social media, but they’re broadening their transmedia reach with a foray into Google Earth kostenlos auto simulator downloaden. Furry and loveable monster Grover is providing tours of Sesame Street Workshops around the world, starting with a charming introduction showbie app.

Other Muppets get in on the action, introducing different versions of Sesame Street, like this one from Northern Ireland, known as Sesame Tree, complete with its own accent-sporting Muppets java update gratisen.

There are several reasons this pairing works so well. First, it achieves both partners’ primary goal: education moving images for free. Users of all ages can learn about the world through the medium of the beloved children’s program. Second, it’s creative. Taking a TV show (or other property) and moving into multiple forms media is pretty much a necessity these days, and Sesame and Google is a perfect pairing video von fb herunterladen. Third, it’s done with incredible grace. These kinds of partnerships can often come off as pure advertising, or simply as cheesy, but in this case, the end goal is education first, not just hits microsoft office 2010 home and student download free full german. Users can generally tell when a brand means well, and that often goes a long way towards making something go viral.

What are some other creative transmedia partnerships you’ve seen netflix download op laptop mac? Hit the comments and let us know!

User Experience: Crypt of the NecroDancer

If you remember the 1990s or 2000s, you remember Dance Dance Revolution and other music-based games. You also remember the armload of gear required to play them, whether it be the pads you stomped on or the fake guitars you played with your fingers youtube herunterladen button. This past weekend at PAX, a new game debuted that will let you dust off that equipment you thought you’d never use again. Crypt of the NecroDancer is a dungeon-based “roguelike” game in which users explore dungeons and battle fantastical enemies mahnung muster kostenlos downloaden. “Old news,” you may say, but there’s a twist in the user experience: you play in time to the game’s catchy soundtrack. You can only move your player to the rhythm of the music, and your enemies do the same Learn to write ten fingers for free. Much like DDR, you stomp on the pads, but instead of making a character dance, you move your character across the dungeon and fight the bad guys windows 8.1 update manuell herunterladen. Of course, if you don’t have DDR pads, you can also use a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse, but where’s the fun in that?

But there’s one more piece to the user experience that makes this game so special: the music bwin poker herunterladen. While the soundtrack, by noted game musician Danny Baranowsky, is awesome, users can also substitute their own MP3s, changing the feel of the game in any way they like herunterladen. While the difficulty of the game doesn’t change (if you die, it’s for keeps), users have the ability to control the tone and experience with any music they want who becomes a millionaire to download. Now that’s novel.

Click over to Mashable to see video of the game itself nieuwe emojisen.

The TARDIS Has Landed

Fans of long-running BBC show Doctor Who got a fun surprise on Google Maps earlier this week when a new Easter Egg was discovered maps navigon for free. For those who don’t watch the show, the titular alien travels in a spaceship disguised as a London police box, the TARDIS. The real ones are a holdover from the 1950s, when London cops used the blue boxes to call into their precincts or to hold unruly suspects until backup could arrive onenote vorlagen downloaden. For those who do watch the show, you know that the 50th anniversary is fast approaching, and Google decided to commemorate it by adding an Easter Egg to the Street View of one of the last working police boxes, outside Earl’s Court Station ipod touch spiele kostenlosen. If you Google “Earl’s Court police box London,” or something similar, you’ll be taken to a Street View shot showing the iconic blue box. If you then click on the double arrows near the foot of the box, something magical happens funny sayings to download. You get to go inside the TARDIS. For the moment, you can only explore the console room, from which the Doctor pilots his ship, but fans are hoping more rooms will be added (perhaps the swimming pool, or the library, or the swimming pool in the library) sims spiel herunterladen.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the fun of exploring the incredibly detailed console room as they wait for the much-anticipated 50th Anniversary episode, during which Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor, will say his final farewell, and Twelve, Peter Capaldi, will take over gta 5 wieder downloaden. Judging by the amount of mystery surrounding the episode, fans would do well to keep their eyes peeled for more interactive Easter Eggs around the web google photos album.

Interacting with the Real World

We often praise interactive ad ideas, but this is one we’ve never seen before. Ogilvy and cooking school Carulla have come out with a new kind of cookbook–one you have to slice open to read it how can I download videos from fb. That’s right. With a knife. The rationale is that you have to practice your knife skills while using the book. On the one hand, this sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen javascript downloaden op ipad. On the other, using an analog book to combat the glut of digital competitors is a very cool, almost retro idea. Head over to Wired for the full writeup bluetooth peripheral driver for free.

The reason this is cool is that Ogilvy is combining advertising with real-world utility xbox 360 themen herunterladen. As we’ve said before, the way to get users coming back is to provide something of value. It could be anything, whether it be a cookbook or just useful or interesting information rasierer herunterladen. By giving the customer something they can use, especially if it’s something they can see or hold, you make them feel that their attention is worth something, rather than feeling like just a pair of eyeballs visio shapes download kostenlos. And when it comes down to it, that’s what it’s all about–keeping the customers coming back.

Super Bowl Roundup

This weekend we see Madison Avenue’s biggest day of the year: the Super Bowl. In celebration, here’s a quick roundup of some cool stuff centering around the big day spiele kostenlos downloaden tablet.

The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time: Mashable has collected what they think are the top ten halftime ads in Super Bowl history herunterladen. Do you agree? Was one of your favorites left out?

Star Trek into the Super Bowl: Paramount has created a really spectacular transmedia app for its upcoming film, Star Trek into Darkness bts lieder download. The app uses context-aware technology to unlock specific content at specific times, based on what users are watching or listening to. Rewards for using the app include unlocking the teaser trailer for the Super Bowl ad and pre-ordering tickets herunterladen.

Movie Madness: Even if you’re not into football, you’re probably watching for the ads, and even if you’re not into ads, if you’re into movies, you’re watching to see teasers of some of the hottest movies coming out this year, including Iron Man 3 and Oz the Great and Powerful bau simulator 2015 pc for free.

What else are you excited for come game day? Hit the comments and let us know your favorite Super Bowl advertising stories.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Glitch

One thing we love here at Nostrum is people making amazing online games. If you’re reading this, you know we’re into transmedia storytelling, so whenever we find a game doing that well, we have to shout about it dropbox download deutsch kostenlos. And Glitch not only excels at that, but also at social media and community. Glitch’s mechanics are based around the players’ interactions with the game onedrive album herunterladen. Users get to expand the world by working together on group projects, and they get to vote on how they want the world to change. If that isn’t textbook crowdsourcing, I don’t know what is Download and cut youtube video.

Glitch also rocks at more traditional social media html5 herunterladen. Their blog is super-transparent. The parent company, TinySpeck, sings the praises of every new designer and developer they hire, and they update their users with the changes made every single release word 2016 gratis downloaden nederlands. They provide even more detailed updates on their secondary Twitter account, @glitchlog, where they announce every single player-facing change they make birthday video for free download. Of course they also have their main Twitter account, @playglitch, which they use for talking to players and sharing behind the scenes peeks into life at TinySpeck emergency 4 mods for free. In short, Glitch is so seamlessly integrated with social media and community, you hardly even have to think about it at all. They just breathe it.

A Love Letter to Social Media: Pottermore

It would be redundant to attempt to explain or analyze why the Harry Potter franchise is as mega-popular as it is, so let’s not do that works programm kostenlos downloaden. But J. K. Rowling and company, backed by Sony, have come out with an amazing transmedia experience that is putting the wizarding world in a whole new light msvcr71.dll herunterladen. Rowling famously refused to authorize ebooks of the iconic series, and now we know why. She was working on the most interactive, engaging ebook platform you could possibly imagine herunterladen. That’s what Pottermore is—it’s an online reading experience, social network, MMORPG, and ebook store all rolled into one microsoft store can't anything.

The central focus of Pottermore is the books. A user journeys through the books, reading (or rereading) and hunting for Easter eggs and special features, including Rowling’s own backstory and analysis of moments in the story, characters, and her own motivations amazon music unlimited lieder herunterladen kosten. This in itself would be an awesome transmedia case study because it makes the reading experience so vibrant and fun (seriously, the Easter eggs are so cool) netflix herunterladen speicher. But that’s not all Pottermore is.

It’s also a game kostenlose cliparten. Users (I won’t say kids, because I know more adults who play than children) can get sorted into Hogwarts houses—Ravenclaws represent—and other wizarding rights of passage like buying wands ab wann kann man fifa 20 downloaden ps4. They then learn to make potions, cast spells, and duel other users. Triumphs win house points, and each of the four houses competes for the House Cup, just like in the books excel auf deutsch herunterladen.

Pottermore also has built-in social tools herunterladen. In the “Great Hall” feature, players can talk to members of other houses and post public comments, as well as checking their progress in the House Cup. In the “Common Room” feature, it’s whittled down to members of the same house only. Finally there’s the friends list, which is pretty self-explanatory. Users can be as public or as private as they want to be, and a vibrant community has sprung up within the platform.

In essence, Pottermore has everything a good transmedia experience should have. It engages you, keeps you constantly hungry for new features, re-energizes you about existing material, mixes different types of media, and most importantly, it pushes you to buy. You can buy regular ebooks and audiobooks from within the site. But that’s not what keeps users coming back—in the end, Pottermore is just FUN. Follow them on Twitter for updates, or just head on over and see what the fuss is about.

A Love Letter to Social Media: The Muppets

If you want to see someone doing social media right, look at the Muppets franchise. Many entertainment properties have tried and failed to get into the new media world, but the Muppets have always been ahead of the curve wie kann man videos von facebook herunterladen iphone. They have an engaging website, but their real strength lies in their use of social networking itself herunterladen. For example, their Twitter feed is often “taken over” by characters, rather than just constantly flogging their latest DVD release video on the left. Right now Miss Piggy is in charge, and nobody is better at self-promotion than the divine swine herself.

The best part about the Muppets in the new millenium, though, is their use of YouTube jitsi meet download op laptop. Their channel is full of the usual movie promos and commercials, but their original content is where they really shine ps4 update 6.71 cannot be downloaded. Take Beaker’s rendition of “Dust in the Wind.” Muppets Studios actually understand internet culture, right down to the dubious intelligence of YouTube commenters herunterladen.

Beaker\’s Ballad

Of course, sometimes the original content is just plain awesome proefversie visioen. We’ll let this one speak for itself.

Muppet Rhapsody

Sherlock Holmes Part II

Alright, I’ve had my winter vacation, I’ve seen the movie, and I’ve finished the game kostenlos alte pc spiele downloaden. I liked the movie a whole bunch. A WHOLE BUNCH. Lots of fun, witty banter, and all the things one would hope for in a collaboration between Robert Downey Jr re-elster certificate file. and, well, anybody. Mark Strong was also enjoyably lugubrious and Rachel McAdams was cute.

The ending of the game? Not so much. The answer to the last code was guessable from the trailers and the reward was a video response from Inspector Lestrade hinting that Scotland Yard would be calling on Holmes and Watson in the future for help with the mysterious Prof minecraft xbox 360 vollversion kostenlos downloaden. Moriarty. Rumor has it that Brad Pitt might be taking on the chalk-dusted jacket, but I would rather see Colin Farrell.

So, to sum up: fun game, great movie, slightly lame ending herunterladen. All with impeccable production values.

And not one deerstalker in sight (thankfully).

The Game’s Afoot: Leading Up to Sherlock Holmes

***DISCLAIMER: Let me just say, before I get into the actual post, that I love Sherlock Holmes. And mysteries requiring deductive reasoning. And witty banter windows xp spiele kostenlosen. And steampunk outlook 2010 alle mails herunterladen. But most of all, I LUURRRVE Robert Downey Jr. So beware of fangirlishness popping up in this post.***

We at Nostrum have been fiddling around with augmented reality stuff for a while now, and as part of that, I’ve been researching film promotions steam mod herunterladen. Now, as I warned above, I was already excited for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming reboot of Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and the delightfully lugubrious Mark Strong pc spiele pferde kostenlosen. So when Robert (Nostrum’s Robert, not Iron Man Robert) asked me to check out a promotional game for the film, I was happy to oblige and immediately hopped over to tonie das herunterladen wurde unterbrochen. I landed on a nicely designed page depicting a nice darkly luminous Dickensian-looking London…and a ridiculously long load time. The long load time, combined with the huge “Facebook Connect” button, led me to believe that the game was going to be some lame Facebook game where you get two choices: 1 spider solitaire klassisch kostenlos deutschen. run away or 2. “fight.” And by fight, they mean hit a button and get a message that says “you just fought and won 20 gold coins!”

I was therefore quite pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a real, participatory game pc cleaner free download full version. It’s kind of like the scavenger hunt games that were set up leading up to The Dark Knight, and apparently, for Iron Man 2 (why didn’t I hear about that one??), except the evidence is all in one place wo kann ich wow classicen. You get assigned a case by Scotland Yard and then put together the evidence to solve it. And here’s the kicker–you need two people to play (ideally) herunterladen. One plays as Holmes and the other plays as Watson, and they each get different evidence and have to consult in order to solve the mystery. Of course, you can play both ends yourself if you’re like me and don’t feel like waiting for somebody else to figure it out download the sims 2. It has all the usual stuff, like automatic status updates and so forth to spread the word, but it’s not a Facebook game.

The mechanics of the game itself are well-done, except that they load too slowly. You watch a video from Scotland Yard or a victim setting up the mystery, and then you read police reports, newspaper clippings, mysterious letters, and so forth, to piece together what’s going on. Then you do some more creative things like chasing down burglars, breaking into buildings, exploring hideouts, and interrogating witnesses. It incorporates strategy games, timed games, hidden object games, and logic games all in one, which is what makes it more fun (and way more participatory) than your average Facebook game. Plus it hints at the premise underlying the plot of the film without giving anything away or relying on teasers like Sherlock Holmes wallpaper or AIM icons (which nobody cares about). In short, it’s fun, it’s intriguing, and it’s well-done.

And it’s ongoing until the film comes out on Christmas Day. There’s a new chapter every Monday. Ok, Holmes, now go find your Watson and get sleuthing.

Alright, I think I managed to avoid too much fangirl blather. What do you say? 😉

What Do Houses Dream About?

We’ve all seen trompe-l’oeil paintings in neighborhood Italian restaurants and antique shops. My favorite nail salon has a great painting of a Tuscan vineyard aktuelle itunes version downloaden. It’s fun to look at, but nothing special, right?


This video of an installation at a German museum shows what happens when trompe-l’oeil gets a 21st Century makeover kindle app only try download.

Talk about augmented reality. I don’t know how anyone could find the motivation to go inside–I’d just sit there and watch the museum change shapes hdfilme herunterladen.