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Generational Cultures and linguistics

Teen Chat Decoder

Linguistics can be a challenge for community managers, each generation and group seems to come up with new acronyms. Learning the niche isn’t that challenging generally finding a new member and watching the questions they ask will solve it.

However what about acronyms like P911 or POS or lmk or IMO or IMHO or ROFL… you know the ones teens come up with about every other day? Users from different niches may have a favorite batch. However how should community managers keep track and investigate the new ones. There is a tool for this that is helpful… Teen chat decoder.

You don’t really have to ask what an acronym means anymore, you can just look it up.

Logo Redesign…

Throughout 2010 and continuing through 2011 there has been a trend… Logo redesign some are woeful others are amazing, but almost all of them made headlines. With attention more graphic in nature then ever before I am wondering if logo redesign is becoming little more than a chance to create a buzz…

Some examples…
Seattle's Best
(Most feel they basically got Starbucked… enter the circle!)

Pepsi Logos
Pepsi or South Korea… telling the difference is becoming more difficult with each logo redesign…

Mountian Dew

Speaking of Peps this change happened at around the same time… I can’t totally knock the change, however to me personally it feels a little generic.
Seriously why did they even bother??

We cant forget THE redesign logo disaster from last year… AKA the New Gap logo.
Gap logo

Which one of these do you think it the best… which one is the worst?

Vizio VIA

Vizio the company best known for pricing the HDTV for the “every man” is coming out with a line of smart phones/ Android powered tablets. The news in and of itself isn’t shocking or even that interesting. It makes sense that the company that produced one of the first “Smart TV’s” is introducing vertical product lines. It is interesting that Google’s Android is another nail in Google TV’s coffin. Android the open/light operating system with its app store is quickly becoming a favorite amongst hardware producers, VIZIO Via is just another in a long line. Meanwhile Google TV is in preverbal exile amongst TV manufactures (only a small group have picked it up) and entertainment producers. With these 2 devices Vizio will be stepping into creating a unified tech experience for TV and phone (something Google TV was supposed to do). The concept of Google TVmade little sense, and didn’t  fill a need or solve a problem. VIZIO is actually on the verge of solving that dastardly remote control issue once and for all with these devices, which is a huge plus!

Yet another android phone on the market not news worthy… Never having to find a remote again I think we might have Time’s person of the year!

Now if someone would make a machine to fold  and put away the laundry (That provides a unified smartphone experience) I would be set!