If you have ever seen the movie “The Social Network” there is a line that Mark Zuckerburg says. When his partner is  pressing to add ads on the service Mark responds with “We dont know what it can be, we dont know what it will be”. That my friends is exactly where Google + is. Google+  is the newest addition to the social sphere. Which normally wouldnt be news because new small networks popup and leave all the time.. but this time its different.


One word Google!

This is Google’s 5th attempt at creating a social network. Orkrut, Buzz, Wave, and Groups were all pretty much flops. The forums are still used and somewhat awesome. What makes this different… Well we don’t know yet… its hard to say what this network means and we wont know for a while. If does mean a new ux across most google services as well as a new ux for most Google apps. One piece of news they are creating a pages area for businesses but since I dont have an invite yet (and even if I did they dont mean much as google is pretty much only letting in people at random even with invites) I have no idea. Quite frankly I will be more than happy to try it out in 2 months from now if it is still there. I loved Google buzz and Google wave but everyone else hated it so they didnt add a lot of value. I cant go through another heartbreak so for me Google + = let it ride for a while see what it does.