Eric Schmidt CEO of Google sat down last week with Charlie Rose for a 1-1 interview about Google. Some of the insights that he spoke to are off the charts, especially the goal of “making all the information in the world, every piece of knowledge, accessible and useful to EVERYONE.”

The Nostrum staff took a closer look at some of the insights Schmidt proposed and deconstructed it from our vantage point and are posing a few questions to the masses:

If Digital Media is taking over, which will inevitably make everyone more “social” – what if it were to affect us in a way where we rely ultimately solely on digital modes of communication? Is that so bad?

Eric Schmidt believes “that you can literally change the world with technology.” Is Nostrum or are other digital firms changing the “advertising game” through the use of technology?

Schmidt focused a bit on empowering content providers to facilitate quality content, which in turn would enable LESS use of the tech, so people will have more time for the things tech cannot accomplish, like “the smell of bread on a Paris morning.” That sounds counter-intuitive to the established norms of Business 101. Will that help or hinder the Google Brand?

Are Geo Tracking and the A.I. gained through GPS technology just the natural evolution of the merging of the online and offline worlds into one complimentary, symbiotic relationship where one does not replace the other, it simply enriches it—or—is the end of true civilization as we know it?

Watch the interview, decide for yourself and share with us your insights.