Emissions Test Fraud: Volkswagen Deceives Regulators and Consumers, Brand Image Takes a Hit

It’s a tale as old as time: corporate greed — and unchecked power — drives corrupt behavior, resulting in public outrage and expensive lawsuits lkw spiele kostenlos herunterladen. As that old folk song goes, “When will they ever learn? When will they e-e-e-ver learn?”

Apparently never, because last week brought the news that German automaker, Volkswagen used sophisticated software to cheat U.S taschenrechner gratis herunterladen. EPA emissions tests on an estimated 11 million of its diesel cars.

This is a scandal of epic proportions that has rocked the U.S. and Europe and has threatened to destabilize the German economy zdf heute appen. Even the company’s CEO has stepped down, though he claims no knowledge of any misdeeds. Could this possibly be true? It remains to be seen. Regardless, the fact remains that Volkswagen has done irreparable harm to its brand, one that, until now, has enjoyed a sterling reputation as economical and trustworthy iphone app filme downloaden. Forgive yourself for rubbernecking, for it is altogether warranted. In terms of reputation, this is a four-car pile up – carnage everywhere, with the Volkswagen image splattered in little, tiny pieces frame available Christmas free download.

Decades of hard work—and advertising dollars— have gone into building the brand, transforming it into the economic stalwart that it has become millimeterpapier downloaden. Famous for some of advertising’s most memorable campaigns featuring clean, hip, and quirky creative that touts an economical and efficient product, all of that has come crashing down samsung galaxy s3 mini apps herunterladen.

Consumer trust has plummeted overnight, and it’s now up to a new CEO and crisis management team to do what they can to pick up the pieces of a broken brand sonic spiele kostenlos. Will they succeed? We think so, but it will be a long, uphill battle, and Volkswagen may never again achieve the type of success that once made it a brand worth following problemsing itunes.

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