Augmented Reality – The Future of Advertising?


Media is constantly changing, adapting, and shifting. Think about it. Television has evolved into digital streaming. Radio has become podcasts. These shifts in the way we consume media ultimately dictate shifts in the way we marketers advertise our products download the races for free in full version. Gone are the days of billboards and newspaper print ads. Technology has dictated a major change in advertising. Programmatic advertising has become the norm. What is the next major shift in advertising? Many believe it is Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality, or simply AR, has been as buzzword in the industry for several years now alle fotos aus der cloud herunterladen. It became all the rage in gaming with the advent of Pokémon GO and it has now expanded far beyond the world of gaming into marketing and advertising efforts.


The AR medium is almost boundless however there are still several unique challenges. The purpose of advertising is to provide contextual information 4k filme downloaden. But delivering all of the “must have” reasons to purchase a product within the confines of a :30 second spot or within a few lines of copy is a challenge that has been facing advertisers since the first newspaper advertisement ran back in the day.


AR is the perfect solution. In the digital age many consumers are faced with information overload. This makes retaining information provided in short advertisements very challenging adobe schrift herunterladen. Augmented reality provides a medium which delivers information in easily understandable (and often fun) formats that allow for high recall. AR can provide large amounts of information into small snippets that are easy to see visually and consequently easy to understand. For example, you can point your phone towards a store or restaurant and instantly get reviews or product information.


Recently advertisers have developed campaigns using AR that “places” the user into the experience creating engagement downloaden van ebook. For example, to promote The Walking Dead’s new season, bus stop shelters were taken over showing images of zombies attacking. This provided the user with an immersive experience that provided a digital experience in a real-world environment. This engaging experience results in the user paying close attention, getting “hooked”, and retaining the info in the advertisement.


The excitement of this engaging experience is so high that users want to experience it again wie kann ich youtube liederen. Another great example is Burger King. Using the Burger King app, users were encouraged to point their phone at McDonald’s advertisements and “burn them”. After the competitor’s ad was “burned” a coupon for a Whopper was revealed underneath. This allowed Burger King to piggy-back onto the budget of their main competitor and use their own ads against them, so to speak labyrinth.


There really are no limits as far as creativity is concerned. The limits to AR are found in the technology. At this point an AR campaign such as the Burger King example is limited to a mobile application. The user must first download the Burger King app to participate in the campaign. Getting users to take the step of downloading the app beforehand is a challenge in itself and would require its own marketing pc spiele seite zum downloaden.


Another challenge is the limitations of the users’ hardware. Obviously, users want an AR experience with the most breathtaking graphics and features, so advertisers are inclined to design as such. Unfortunately, this requires the user to have the most up-to-date hardware (phone) and operating systems.


The development process is another significant challenge in AR advertising vavoo gratisen. To create a visually stunning and engaging AR experience, special software and extensive coding is often required. This process can eat up a large portion of your budget in itself. Luckily platforms such as Facebook have already started building AR features into their ad platforms. Facebook’s Spark AR engine allows users to incorporate AR effects into their campaigns through their demo targeting platform node.dll. Users can “try on” sunglasses or makeup up by using AR to superimpose the products onto their photos.


All of the elements are there for Augmented Reality to become the next big thing in advertising with the main issue being that we are not all in the same shared digital space throughout the day and we are limited by our hardware. Once the infrastructure catches up, AR advertising might just replace digital out of home ads and television spots completely.


Facebook is considering giving a thumbs down to “likes”


Facebook is considering making a significant change to their popular social platform. Beginning today in Australia, the company has begun hiding the number of “likes” appen voor mac.

Instead of seeing “Jane Doe and 20 others” like your post, users in Australia now simply see “Jane Doe and others”. But why the change to the long-standing practice of “counting likes” windows 7 installationsdateien herunterladen?

Facebook is responding to feedback they have received from mental health and well-being experts. The company believes the change will encourage users to interact with posts in more constructive ways gratis browsers downloaden.

Experts believe too many users are focused on the validation they receive from a high number of “likes”. Experts also feel that receiving a relatively low number of “likes” on a particular post can result in feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and even depression in certain Facebook users, according to this article from Observer the CBD oil can help you reducing these symptoms wie kann ich 2 mal die gleiche app herunterladen.

While this may be true, Facebook needs to ask themselves how this change will affect the Facebook platform itself.

For many users, counting the number of “likes” represents validation from their peers kostenlosen mediaplayer herunterladen. A high number can even result in hit of dopamine to the brain which results in pleasure.

Removing the number of “likes” may or may not result in more “constructive interactions” appsen macbook. It may in fact, result in less interactions. By removing the main catalyst for using and interacting with the site, Facebook may find their number of users decrease herunterladen. A number which has been on a steady decline in recent years.

A 2019 study revealed that an estimated 15 million fewer people use Facebook than they did just two years ago excel 2007 for free german. The biggest drop being in the coveted 12-34 age demographic, however the decrease is seen across the board.

This decrease in users can be attributed to Facebook’s social privacy woes and continued breaches of users’ trust, the fact that many consider the site to be overrun by advertisements, and of course the dreaded “fake news” phenomenon herunterladen.

The good news for the company, many of these users are not leaving Facebook completely but instead, flocking to the Facebook owned platform Instagram netto app herunterladen kostenlos. It has become clear that Instagram is the “hip” social media platform of choice for the younger generation of social media users. It is rivaled (just barely) by competitor Snapchat.

The bad news is that they have already begun testing the idea of removing the number of “likes” from Instagram as well in several countries, which has increased the number of people having crisis and anxiety, if you are one of those we recommend you to read this article of Discover about how the CBD can help you reducing the stress caused by this situation.

Facebook may be hoping to inspire more constructive interactions and may have the users’ best interest in mind, but they may be shooting themselves in the proverbial foot – driving users away from the platform, which is already losing users at a record pace.

If they make the same change to Instagram, that platform may no longer be perceived as the “hip” social platform of choice among the younger generations and users may end up flocking to Snapchat or the next innovative social platform to come along.

What are your thoughts? Would making a Facebook and/or Instagram post be as enjoyable of an experience with no “likes” to count?

This writer doesn’t think so. Perhaps Facebook should be more concerned with making changes that protect users’ privacy instead of changing things that actually make using the site a fun, enjoyable experience.

Kroeger is teaming with Microsoft to revolutionize the way we shop!

With the rise of Amazon’s Fresh service as well as app services such as Instacart, many consumers prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their home word herunterladen 2013. Microsoft is set to launch new technology in two of Kroeger’s biggest stores in an attempt to bring shoppers back into the store.

The technology promises to personalize the shoppers experience, in the process making the experience much more bearable, while at the same time promising to increase Kroger associates’ productivity win 7 download kostenlos.

Here is how it works. Microsoft has created what they call EDGE (Enhanced Display for Grocery Environment) Shelf digital display system. The new digital display shelf will replace the traditional paper tags that we are used to seeing on the shelves apps für filme herunterladen. The digital display can communicate everything from pricing and promotions to nutritional and dietary information and even video ads.

This “digital price tag” gives Kroeger the ability to instantly change prices or initiate promotions across its stores download online storage. This offers major advantages to Kroeger – the ability to restock immediately and undercut the competition’s pricing on the fly while at the same time saving employees time that would have been spent changing the tags by hand kostenlose wii spiele herunterladen.

The coolest part of this technology is that the shelves communicate with the customer’s smartphones allowing them to quickly fill their custom shopping lists and even saving them time at the check-out lines ikea map.

As a customer goes down the aisle and passes an item on their shopping list, a personal icon of the shopper’s choosing, appears on the digital shelf letting them know to grab the item wo kann ich call of duty modern warfareen. The shopper can then use their smartphone (or a Kroeger supplied handheld device) to scan the item, allowing them to bypass the checkout line. Once they have scanned in the item, the app then lets the shopper know where to go to find the next item on their list saving them even more time kaspersky kostenlosen vollversion chip.

The shelves and app also work together to let the shopper know of any available coupons as they make their choices. It can even assist with a shopper’s dietary concerns wie kann man eine youtube playlisten. For example, if a shopper is gluten-free and is looking for products that do not elicit a weight gain, the app will let the shopper know which products are best to use in their weight loss programs happy birthday bilder kostenlos downloaden.

The technology is absolutely amazing and if all of the parts work together seamlessly, it would absolutely revolutionize the way we shop for groceries – making trips quicker and easier. It also frees up associates to help you with any questions.

But will it work? The technology is as of yet to be tested in a real-world environment. Microsoft and Kroeger plan to test it in two major stores and if successful, promise to expand to other locations and stores. The technology might be confusing to seniors who are used to traditional shopping and even cutting coupons but this is not the market that Microsoft and Kroeger are looking to corner.

As great as this technology is, the same technology can easily be implemented into Amazon’s Fresh service with one major difference, the shopper still doesn’t have to leave their couch to go to the grocery store. This not only is appealing to millennials but also seniors who have trouble getting around. Another concern would be the cost of this technology, will prices rise as a result? If so, that may discourage shoppers.

One thing is for sure, if the technology works practically in the real-world, a trip to the grocery store will be an entirely new and very convenient experience for the shopper.

Get on the Game of Thrones Bandwagon

It’s been a long, cold winter, but Game of Thrones is finally back. We’ve blogged before about how great their use of social media has been, but now let’s take a look at how other people react to the show’s momentum adobe shockwave player for free german. For one thing, Sunday’s season premiere crashed HBOGo, which left users feeling extremely unhappy. Take a look at Mashable for some of the funnier reactions netflix filmeen windows 8. Our favorite is “Winter is…loading?” from Twitter user @marissachristy. HBOGo had similar problems in March with the season finale of True Detective, and they promised more support for the app, but to no avail film downloaden op iphone 6.

Meanwhile, those who did get to watch the episode loved it, including other brands looking to capitalize on the show’s trending status herunterladen. The tweets range from hilarious (Arrested Development) to ridiculous (Mentos), but they’re all interesting from a social media perspective ps3 spiele herunterladen kostenlos. The main question to ask yourself when trying to jump on another brand’s bandwagon is this: is it going to make users smile, or is it going to make them groan apple mail downloaden? Click here to see who was successful and who wasn’t.

Finally, if you didn’t see the episode, or just want to relive it, here it is recapped in .gif format, perfect for Tumblr function youtube. But beware…spoilers abound.

Muppets and McDonalds and Netflix, Oh My!

There have been some surprising developments on the Internet in the last week, from Muppet selfies to what some are calling the end of Net Neutrality herunterladen. Let’s take a look.

We’ve blogged before about the Muppets and their awesome use of social media, but they’re taking things to another level by joining Instagram, the popular photo-sharing (and enhancing) network herunterladen. In the run-up to their next film, coming out in March, they’re even having the evil Moopets take a selfie or two. What makes the Muppets’ social media efforts so charming is a combination of skill and savvy, along with the cuteness and wit that comes with any Muppet production herunterladen. The takeaway here is to find what makes your business or product special, and then use social media to showcase that.

In other social media news, McDonalds has joined SnapChat herunterladen. The fast food giant is using the infamous photo and video-sharing site to generate excitement for their soon-to-be-announced new sandwich, with the help of Lebron James brigitte. The move seems to be working, as the account has garnered thousands of fans in just a few days. The reason the account has taken off is partly due to James’s star power, but also because McDonalds is creating a sense of mystery and excitement by teasing tidbits of information leading up to the product launch steuer app herunterladen.

Finally, you’ve probably heard about Comcast’s deal with Netflix, which many have called the end of Net Neutrality as we know it musik streamen oderen. Mashable has a great piece detailing what the move actually means, and it’s not what you might think ritter spiele pc kostenlosen.

What other social media news blew you away this week? Hit the comments to let us know.

Bose and Arrow

TV network the CW has partnered with sound company Bose to produce a web series surrounding its hit show Arrow, which follows the adventures of popular DC Comics hero the Green Arrow pc spiele online kaufen und herunterladen. The minisodes center around two of his sidekicks, Felicity Smoak and Roy Harper, played by Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes, respectively. The product placement for Bose is pretty heavy-handed, but that’s to be expected, and the episodes do a good job of promoting both Arrow and some of Bose’s newer products, which are aimed at a younger crowd than they have gone after in the past kostenlose spiele auf pc herunterladen.

This kind of transmedia advertising is really effective because it wraps the ads up in a story fans are already interested in, which is a great way to leverage existing viewers download music at napster. But that’s not all the partnership is doing; Bose and the CW are also running a sweepstakes offering a trip to Vancouver to visit the Arrow set deutsche märchen herunterladen. By combining an engaging story with a call to action like this, both partners can get a lot of eyeballs on their products, as well as collecting a lot of email addresses for future marketing efforts, which is the beauty of transmedia herunterladen.

What other digital partnerships have you seen that caught your eye?

Uber-popular video-streaming website Netflix just made a major upgrade to their user experience hoe motorroutes downloaden garmin. After much teasing, Netflix has released its new Profiles feature, which allows up to five people to share a Netflix account, which basically means that you can watch and rate whatever you want without messing up your roommates’ preferences ab herunterladen. Each profile will also have its own Recently Watched list and Instant Queue.

The new feature will be available for subscribers using the following platforms, according to Mashable: “the website, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Apple TV and newer Smart TV’s and Blu-Ray players.” By making Profiles accessible from just about any device, Netflix is drastically improving their usability; it will be much easier for users to find what they’re looking for and to stumble across content they might like instead of getting a barrage of untargeted recommendations because somebody’s little sister watched “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

Check out this video of Eddy Wu, Netflix’s director of product innovation, explaining Profiles and other upgrades, such as Facebook integration 3 ds spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Netflix Profiles

What other upgrades could Netflix make to improve their user experience wo kann man word kostenlos downloaden? Tell us in the comments!

Instagram for Brands

We’ve covered why your brand should (and sometimes shouldn’t) be on Twitter , Facebook , Tumblr, and more herunterladen. Next, let’s take a look at Instagram. As the Social Media Club points out, “…we’re constantly being bombarded with messages, advertisements, and calls to action here we go offline karten herunterladen. Visual content grabs our short attention span much faster than a well written article or blog posts.” To put it another way, a picture is worth a thousand words, so get snapping free games without internet.

The rise of smartphones makes taking pictures easier than ever, and Instagram makes sharing them a snap (pun intended). You can edit and enhance photos from within the app, and then quickly post to Twitter , Facebook , Tumblr, and even Foursquare herunterladen. In addition to enriching your social media presence with visual content, putting your brand on Instagram has several advantages:

Your users are already there hintergrundbilder pc kostenlos herunterladen. Instagram has somewhere around 90 million users, taking 40 million photos per day.

It makes your brand accessible. You could share everything from photos of the faces behind your brand to happy customers using your product herunterladen. It puts a human face to the online presence.

It’s easy. As mentioned above, it’s a no-brainer to connect with other social media platforms, making it super-simple to create your own great-looking content herunterladen.

It’s measurable. You can monitor how many likes and shares your photos get, or if that’s not enough, there are all kinds of analytics tools that measure how you’re doing on Instagram apps im ausland herunterladen.

It’s fun. Instagram is a chance to show your brand knows how to have a good time, whether by taking pictures of employees being silly, or using editing tricks to make your photos look cooler herunterladen abgeschlossen nur-herunterladen-modus aktiv.

Bottom line: I can’t think of any brand that shouldn’t be on Instagram, except possibly the CIA I can download microsoft word for free. They should probably keep things a little more secret. Your brand, on the other hand…what are you waiting for?

WebsitesAssociations & groupsAgencies


We’ve covered why your brand should (and sometimes shouldn’t) be on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and more.

To put it another way, a picture is worth a thousand words, so get snapping.

In addition to enriching your social media presence with visual content, putting your brand on Instagram has several advantages:

Instagram has somewhere around 90 million users, taking 40 million photos per day.

You could share everything from photos of the faces behind your brand to happy customers using your product.

Your brand, on the other hand … what are you waiting for?


Analytics: Vine

You’ve probably already heard about Twitter’s new six-second video service, Vine bux x downloaden. What can you do in a six-second video? It could be something as simple as a cat video, but some brands are already introducing ads. The tool is already growing in popularity; more than 100,000 videos were shared on the service last weekend alone bizagi download kostenlos. But how do you know what’s working?

That’s where Simply Measured comes in. The analytics platform catalogues users and tweets that engage with your video, analyzes them, and then breaks down the data for you herunterladen. It’s a pretty cool tool, and well worth a try. Their free service runs the data overnight when there’s less traffic, but the paid version is done in real time videos von überall herunterladen. Check out this article from Mashable detailing how the service works.

Have you tried Vine yet win 10 spiele kostenlosen? What are you sharing?

Facebook’s Crackdown on Cover Photos

Facebook cover photos are disappearing, and Facebook isn’t telling users why. Thanks to this article on Mashable, however, the reason seems to be clear: Facebook is removing cover photos they consider to be “too promotional,” whatever that means herunterladen. Mashable reports that numerous users had their cover photos taken down, whether because it was a film poster (whether it be from The Hobbit or The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) or because it was a copyrighted image powerpoint kostenlos herunterladen. Now, I can see the reasoning behind taking down copyrighted images, unless they’re used with permission, but taking down photos used to show enthusiasm for a piece of art or a brand gratis storio gamesen? That seems counterproductive, given the way that many brands and their fans use Facebook.

Take Disney, for example. Many of the photos they make available for download by fans are tailor-made for cover photos herunterladen. What’s wrong with that? It’s used with permission for its intended purpose, it makes fans happy, and it makes the site useful to brands, something Facebook obviously wants to do python kara herunterladen. So why nix that practice? I honestly don’t have an answer. Perhaps the site is planning on creating a service to monetize the practice?

What’s your take on Facebook’s cover photo crackdown fl studio vollversion kostenlos downloaden? Are they planning a new brand-focused feature? Are they attempting to avoid lawsuits? Are they just making a mistake? Tell us in the comments.

Instagram’s Record-breaking Holiday

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and with it, a new Instagram record. In a blog post Friday morning, Instagram revealed that users shared more than 10 million photos with the word “Thanksgiving” mentioned, smashing all records herunterladen. During peak hours, users were sharing 200 Thanksgiving photos per second, breaking the previous record held by Hurricane Sandy.

This begs the question, “if Instagram is so amazingly popular, should I be using it for my business?” and the answer is a resounding yes dokumentenmanagement software kostenlos download. You can share anything from photos of your product, to users using your product, to pictures of office parties and employees, which helps to put a human face on your company sudoku to. What it boils down to is that Instagram is a great way to give your customers a behind the scenes peek at how your company is run, and people always love that minitab kostenlosen.

Another advantage to Instagram is that it allows you to see what users are doing with your product. If you sell pies, you can see how many people served your product at Thanksgiving kann im microsoft store nichts herunterladen. If you sell textiles, you can see who used them on their holiday table. If you sell insurance policies, you might not get so many results, but for many businesses, Instagram is another great metric to use to track engagement with your product swr mediathek sendung herunterladen.

From all of us here at Nostrum, we hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Lowe’s Goes to Suburgatory

ABC sitcom “Suburgatory” and home improvement store Lowe’s have teamed up to create a really cute transmedia campaign avg nederlands gratisen. The campaign centers around the show’s image-obsessed character, Sheila Shay, played by Saturday Night Live’s Ana Gasteyer. The character is known for the attention she lavishes on her home and garden (more than you ever put on yours, she’ll have you know), so this matchup makes a lot of sense microsoft powerpoint viewer 2010 kostenlos.

The commercials run during the show, framed as Sheila’s home and gardening tips, filmed by her henpecked husband. The spots push the MyLowe’s tool, which allows users to track purchases, paint colors, and the like, and aids in home organization windows 7 trial for free german. They also push viewers to watch more Sheila Shay-centered content online at and on Twitter, @SheilaShay.

This campaign seems really smooth and clever so far; taking a popular character and giving her more screen time is always a good way to get more eyeballs on an ad herunterladen. It remains to be seen how well the spots actually play, though; will they get lost in the DVR shuffle or will they stand out?

A Love Letter to Social Media: Threadless

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of ultra-popular t-shirt site Threadless, the site that crowdsources its designs (and pays its artists real money) groupon voucher. What you haven’t heard is that their social media presence is pretty much perfect. Here’s a short list of what they’re doing and why it works.

—Twitter: The Threadless Twitter account is a one-stop-shop google chrome op laptop. It promotes new designs, design competitions, new products, and general information like convention appearances.

—Facebook: Threadless has an app where you can shop both new and reprinted designs from within the app piktogramme herunterladen. In addition, they also have a very busy page where they post content that doesn’t appear on Twitter herunterladen.

—Tumblr: The clothing company’s Tumblr is where they showcase the art. They show off new designs, and lately they’ve been creating animated gifs of popular designs herunterladen.

—Contests: This is where Threadless really shines, and really puts the social in social media. In addition to their usual process of submitting designs for fan votes, they also hold competitions around specific subjects herunterladen. For instance, right now there is a Toy Story Challenge going on, where artists can submit designs featuring the beloved Pixar film herunterladen. These contests yield more than just fantastic art—they yield limitless customer engagement.

Threadless is, by definition, a social company, but their social media presence is really top notch herunterladen. This is definitely a company to follow.

Twitter Tip: Advanced Search

We’ve talked multiple times about all the ways you can use Twitter to market your business downloaden illegal. Now let’s start honing in on some of the tools that make Twitter so useful. This week, let’s focus on Twitter’s advanced search.

With advanced search, you can whittle down to incredible detail musik von youtube aufs handyen. See what I’m talking about here. You can search by keyword, as follows, including by hashtag and even by language:

  • All of these words
  • This exact phrase
  • Any of these words
  • None of these words
  • These hashtags
  • Written in

But you can also search by people, including tweets from certain accounts, to certain accounts, or mentioning certain accounts mit free youtube to mp3 converter videos downloaden. Want to see how your competitor is doing? Search their mentions and address the concerns of upset customers!

And that’s not even the most exciting part avg tuneupen. You can search by location as well. Say you’re a restaurant near Long Beach. Search the terms “hungry, starving, lunch” near Long Beach, CA, and you’ve got a whole slew of people to whom you can say “Hey, come on in for lunch pdf link herunterladen! Here’s a 10% off coupon!” Twitter advanced search lets you zero in on the people who not only WANT what you’re selling, they NEED it.

Last but not least, you can search by sentiment netflix windows. You can search by positive reaction or negative reaction, and you can also search for who is asking questions. You can include retweets or leave them out minecraft kostenlos herunterladen java. Twitter advanced search does what it says on the tin—it’s very advanced, and very specific, so you can find exactly who you should be talking to wie kann ich musik herunterladen kostenlos. Take that, Facebook.

Pragmatech: CTRL

In 2008 the United Development Corporation of Qatar did a global search for marketing communications partners little big planet 3 kostenlos downloaden. They selected Nostrum Inc, and invited us to Qatar to give a capabilities presentation. Since then NI has partnered with UDC, especially their IT subsidiary Pragmatech funny animal videos to download. NI provides marketing services for Pragmatech products in North America, including CTRL, their semantic search engine. NI has also partnered with Pragmatech to develop state-of-the-art websites with integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and we’re looking forward to the launch of the first site in Q4 2012 pdf linken.

CTRL is a fantastic product. What sets it apart “is its focus on key topics: ‘What we do that no one had done, and why we can do topic relevancy or topic comparisons of text even in different languages, is to extract or identify and then analyze and determine key topics wo kann ich ms office kostenlos downloaden. We don’t mean phrases. A topic for us is like a concept but a complex semantic concept that describes the subject matter.’”

CTRL is being developed as a Microsoft Word add-in, helping writers identify information relevant to their work including the names of people, places, companies and products itunes film erneut herunterladen. For example, an article about the Syrian crisis in the add-in’s demo allows you to see that Lavrov is Russia’ s foreign minister. If you want to try out new tech for your business then consider using this video chat api

Nostrum Inc is proud to have worked so long with UDC and Pragmatech, and we can’t wait to show you what we have coming next kan je netflix series downloaden. Have questions? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!

Don’t Kill My Buzz, Man!

Following up on Mike’s previous post about Google Buzz, I totally get the furor about it. The service definitely needs work, and Google has definitely made a whole lot of big mistakes amazon prime English.

But hey, it’s new. That’s the downside of a service being released by such a huge, publicly visible company. Twitter and Facebook were NOT famous when they were released von youtube herunterladen musik. They weren’t globally famous for years after they were founded. They had plenty of time to make changes, fixes, and tweaks based on quiet user feedback fernbus simulator herunterladen. Google Buzz had the disadvantage of going very public, very quickly. It wasn’t finished. And it got slammed. Now I wonder whether Google will have enough time to fix it and realize its potential before it gets laughed out of existence herunterladen.

I think it would be nice if Buzz went back to beta. Google definitely needs more time to tweak it, and they need a setting to get real constructive criticism instead of media snarking urkunde kostenlos herunterladen. I still think the service has a lot of potential. I like Pete Cashmore’s take on it. If you insist on using an analogy to define Buzz, try this one kalender zum downloaden und bearbeiten. Think of Facebook as the local bar, where you go to hang out with your friends, play some games, and just shoot the breeze. Think of Twitter as the village square where you get all the news and have public conversations herunterladen. It’s a public forum. Then you have Buzz, which SHOULD eventually become a place to focus detailed conversations on IDEAS. Not news, not people, not “what are you doing” or those awesome photos you took on your trip to Cabo this spring, man bundesanzeiger jahresabschluss herunterladen. It’s a platform to talk about content and have major brainstorming sessions about concepts and projects.

If Facebook is the local bar and Twitter is the town square, Google Buzz (I hope) will be the local college campus herunterladen.

I’ve said before that I like Google Wave as a productivity tool–an easy way to keep work projects neat, tidy, and collaborative at the office winrar download chip for free german. I don’t find much utility for connecting with friends about random things. It’s a business thing, and I like it that way. I think Buzz will end up being sort of similar in market, although I hope more concept-oriented and less business-y.

If it lasts that long.

2010 The Beginning of The End For Stupid Phones?

Nexus one


2010 should lay the foundation for a game changing decade dazn auf pc herunterladen. The next ten years should produce a nation that cannot remember what it was like to not have Apps or full web Browsers on cell-phones.

Which leaves 2 questions:
Is your business paying attention to the changes selbstauskunft herunterladen?
Do you have a plan?

Sherlock Holmes Part II

Alright, I’ve had my winter vacation, I’ve seen the movie, and I’ve finished the game kostenlos alte pc spiele downloaden. I liked the movie a whole bunch. A WHOLE BUNCH. Lots of fun, witty banter, and all the things one would hope for in a collaboration between Robert Downey Jr re-elster certificate file. and, well, anybody. Mark Strong was also enjoyably lugubrious and Rachel McAdams was cute.

The ending of the game? Not so much. The answer to the last code was guessable from the trailers and the reward was a video response from Inspector Lestrade hinting that Scotland Yard would be calling on Holmes and Watson in the future for help with the mysterious Prof minecraft xbox 360 vollversion kostenlos downloaden. Moriarty. Rumor has it that Brad Pitt might be taking on the chalk-dusted jacket, but I would rather see Colin Farrell.

So, to sum up: fun game, great movie, slightly lame ending herunterladen. All with impeccable production values.

And not one deerstalker in sight (thankfully).

The Game’s Afoot: Leading Up to Sherlock Holmes

***DISCLAIMER: Let me just say, before I get into the actual post, that I love Sherlock Holmes. And mysteries requiring deductive reasoning. And witty banter windows xp spiele kostenlosen. And steampunk outlook 2010 alle mails herunterladen. But most of all, I LUURRRVE Robert Downey Jr. So beware of fangirlishness popping up in this post.***

We at Nostrum have been fiddling around with augmented reality stuff for a while now, and as part of that, I’ve been researching film promotions steam mod herunterladen. Now, as I warned above, I was already excited for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming reboot of Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and the delightfully lugubrious Mark Strong pc spiele pferde kostenlosen. So when Robert (Nostrum’s Robert, not Iron Man Robert) asked me to check out a promotional game for the film, I was happy to oblige and immediately hopped over to tonie das herunterladen wurde unterbrochen. I landed on a nicely designed page depicting a nice darkly luminous Dickensian-looking London…and a ridiculously long load time. The long load time, combined with the huge “Facebook Connect” button, led me to believe that the game was going to be some lame Facebook game where you get two choices: 1 spider solitaire klassisch kostenlos deutschen. run away or 2. “fight.” And by fight, they mean hit a button and get a message that says “you just fought and won 20 gold coins!”

I was therefore quite pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a real, participatory game pc cleaner free download full version. It’s kind of like the scavenger hunt games that were set up leading up to The Dark Knight, and apparently, for Iron Man 2 (why didn’t I hear about that one??), except the evidence is all in one place wo kann ich wow classicen. You get assigned a case by Scotland Yard and then put together the evidence to solve it. And here’s the kicker–you need two people to play (ideally) herunterladen. One plays as Holmes and the other plays as Watson, and they each get different evidence and have to consult in order to solve the mystery. Of course, you can play both ends yourself if you’re like me and don’t feel like waiting for somebody else to figure it out download the sims 2. It has all the usual stuff, like automatic status updates and so forth to spread the word, but it’s not a Facebook game.

The mechanics of the game itself are well-done, except that they load too slowly. You watch a video from Scotland Yard or a victim setting up the mystery, and then you read police reports, newspaper clippings, mysterious letters, and so forth, to piece together what’s going on. Then you do some more creative things like chasing down burglars, breaking into buildings, exploring hideouts, and interrogating witnesses. It incorporates strategy games, timed games, hidden object games, and logic games all in one, which is what makes it more fun (and way more participatory) than your average Facebook game. Plus it hints at the premise underlying the plot of the film without giving anything away or relying on teasers like Sherlock Holmes wallpaper or AIM icons (which nobody cares about). In short, it’s fun, it’s intriguing, and it’s well-done.

And it’s ongoing until the film comes out on Christmas Day. There’s a new chapter every Monday. Ok, Holmes, now go find your Watson and get sleuthing.

Alright, I think I managed to avoid too much fangirl blather. What do you say? 😉

Social Media 101: What NOT to Do

I came across this post on Slashdot and it just really pissed me off downloading additional data files failed. Reverb Communications’ idea of good social media practice is to hire a team of interns to spam the iTunes store with fake positive reviews of its clients’ apps crossfire herunterladen. Be prepared, because I’m going to rant a little…

THIS is EXACTLY why people get suspicious of marketers using social media! Consumers are afraid of companies co-opting what was meant to be an authentic, altruistic community for mercenary ends postfinance app herunterladen. By contrast, they don’t mind if companies (like Threadless and Zappos) use social space to have real conversations and provide real, useful content…so why is it so hard for companies to understand that, to make the best of the social space, you need to participate in good faith stronghold crusader herunterladen kostenlos vollversion?


Seriously, when you (the reader) find out a company employs tactics like that, does it make you reluctant to purchase from them, or is it just me 3d buchstaben vorlagen kostenlos herunterladen?